Hand reader Marion Gale presents ‘love deck’ hand reading from Toronto!

September 22, 2008

Marion Gale - Hand Reading

Hand reader Marion Gale reads hands in Toronto (Canada)

Compatibility hand reading with ‘The Love Deck’.

Hand Reader Marion Gale

Read his hands, know his heart

Marion Gale presents on her website an interesting collection of famous hands and sample readings. She writes on readmyhands.com, her website:


Reading hands can change the way your look at yourself, as well as those you love.
Your hands can be a guide to the profession you’re suited for and also for who you’re compatible with when it comes to relationships. From the shape and length of your hand and fingers, as well as the skin ridge patterns, you can discern your talents, character and your romantic nature.”

One Response to “Hand reader Marion Gale presents ‘love deck’ hand reading from Toronto!”

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