The international Palmistry vocabulary & synonyms!

September 22, 2008

Take a look at a large part of the international vocabulary + synonyms for the word ‘PALMISTRY’:

The ‘PALMISTRY’ vocabulary in English language includes the words:
Palm Reading, Handanalysis, Hand Analysis, Hand Reading, Handreading, Chiromancy, Cheiromancy, Chirology, Cheirology, Chirognomy, Cheirognomy, Cheirosophy, Onychomancy

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Spanish language are:
Leer las Manos, Leer la Mano, Lectura de Manos, Quiromancia, Quirologia, Quirognomia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Porteguese language are:
Ler Mãos, Ler Mão, Leitura de Mãos, Quiromancia, Quirologia, Quirognomia, Quiromante

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in French language:
Chiromancie, Cheiromancy, Chirologie, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in German language:
Handlesekunst, Handlesen, Handanalyse, Chiromantik, Chiromantie & Chirologie

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Danish language:
Håndlæsning, Håndtydning, Kiromanti,

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Dutch language:
Handlezen, Handlijnkunde, Handleeskunde, Handanalyse, Chirologie

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Hungaryan language:
Kiromanteia, Tenyérjóslás

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Italian language:
Chiromanzia, Cheiromanzia, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Norwegian language:
Håndanalyse, Håndtydning, Håndlesning, Håndlæsning, Kiromanti

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Polish language are:
Chiromancja, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Rusian language are:
Hiromantia, Hiromantika, Khiromantiya, Hiromantiya, Hiromanty

The ‘PALMISTRY’ vocabulary in Swedish language includes the words:
Handanalys, Kiromantie

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