Cheirologist Galina Soroka presents Cheirology from Petropavlovsk – Russia!

September 23, 2008

Galina Soroka - Cheirologist from Petropavlovsk

Cheirologist Galina Soroka reads hands in Petropavlovsk (Russia)

Self-made cheirologist: learn your destiny

Cheirologist Galina Soroka

Cheirology - Cheirolog - Palmistry

Galina Soroka writes on her website in the ‘The alfabet of Cheirology’ (palmistry):

The major lines in Cheirology are:

1. The line of Life
2. The line of Head (Mind)
3. The line of Heart
4. The line of Fate

“The break of Headline”

“In good hands – shortcoming of the concentration of mind, attention, self-control.

In the hands of capricious and nervous people – illness.”


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