Palmistry & Palm reading: 16 Gift markings in your hands!

September 29, 2008

13 Gift markings in your hands

13 Gift markings in your hands

3 Gift markers in your hands

3 Gift markers in your hands

How to recognize ‘gift markings’ in your hands?

At the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) a system of ‘talent markers’ in the hand is developed – they call the system: ‘gift markings’, or ‘gift markers’. Some of these interesting hand-signs are:

* Gift marker 1. The Jupiter star (see point ‘1’ in the UPPER picture)

SUPER TALENT: Leadership, super achiever | SHADOW SIDE: president’s wife syndrome

* Gift marker 10. Medical sitgmata (see point ’10’ in UPPER picture)

SUPER TALENT: gifted healer, personal growth consultant | SHADOW SIDE: intimacy breakdown

* Gift marking 15. The Simian line (see point ’15’ in the LOWER picture)

SUPER TALENT: intensity of focus | SHADOW SIDE: feeling misunderstood

The full article includes a full list of the 16 ‘Gift markers’ + a summary of interesting comments on these presented by the expert Hand Analysts: Pamelah Landers, Jena Griffiths, Peggie Arvidson and Baeth Davis.

Gift markings in your hands

7 Responses to “Palmistry & Palm reading: 16 Gift markings in your hands!”

  1. eva fanning Says:

    I have a six pointed star between gift marker 5 and six. What does this mean?

  2. mohammed amin Says:

    I have a fishtail sign, a lotus shape, a single eye shape, a flag, an arrowhead and a canopy on my right hand. I wanted to know if these signs cancel themselves out and I also wanted to know what they signify (they are situated in the mount of saturn) on my right hand

  3. peter g Says:

    i have all 16 gift markings, including palmar creases on both hands. i know i am extremely talented, can do anything intellectually, and am definitely wired to accomplish a lot. i feel that this world has been such a struggle all my life.

    i also feel that this life is so short and that the world is set up in a way that is not allowing me to reach my potential. thanks for your article. i must now find a way to change my fate and do what i know in my heart i was wired to do!

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