Richard Unger - Hand analyst from Tiburon

Hand reader Richard Unger reads hands in Tiburon, California

Fingerprints & life-purpose hand analysis.

Hand reader Richard Unger

Lifeprints Hand Analysis

Richard Unger’s work is presented at a brand new website www.lifeprints.com:

“Richard Unger – Originator of the LifePrints System – Founder and Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis Richard is the developer of the LifePrints system of analyzing a person’s Life Purpose from their fingerprints. Over the last 38 years, he has probably talked to more people about their Life Purpose than any other person on the planet!”

The website also presents some info about Richard’s master students/collegues: Robert Cocker, Vance Williams, and Janet Savage.

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Palmistry & fingerprints.

Palmistry & Fingerprints

Identical fingerprints?

The fingerprints of identical twins have been the subject of many fingerprint studies. The short version of this answer is descibed at Examiner.com (see below).

Do identical twins have identical fingerprints?

Straighdope.com says:

“Identical twins have fingerprints that can be readily distinguished on close examination. However, the prints do have striking similarities. In fact, before the arrival of modern genetic testing, similarity of fingerprints was often used to determine whether twins were identical- or fraternal twins.”

The most popular set of names for twins in 2007 was: ‘Jacob and Joshua’.

BOOK: ‘Destiny at your fingertips’
NEW SCIENTIST: ‘Twin fingerprints’
The latest fingerprint news

Fingerprints & accurate identity

Hand analyst Ed Campbell.

Hand analyst Ed Campbell

Fingerprints & palmistry:

Hand analyst Ed Campbell present on his website Fingerprints & Palmar Dermatoglyphics: a comprehensive article about the basics of fingerprint analysis + a detailed analysis of the historic palmistry literature.
The article includes the following:

  • The history of fingerprints, palmistry and character identity
  • What psychological characteristics are related to the fingerprints according palmists?
  • Ed Campbell’s fingerprint studies and observations
  • The physical dermatoglyphic development of fingerprints
  • Dermatoglyphic studies in health and psychology
  • (Edward Campbell’s article includes a list of 151 sources!)

    Palmar dermatoglyphics.

    Palmar dermatoglyphics

    Upendrasingh Bhadoriya - Palmist from Ahmedabad

    Palm reader Upendrasingh Bhadoriya reads hands in Ahmedabad (India)

    Vedic Palmistry.

    Palm reader Upendrasingh Bhadoriya

    Palmistry at ejyotishi

    Upendrasingh Bhadoriya writes on the new website ejyotishi.com about himself:

    “He is a well-known palmist and Vedic astrologer of India having the experience of practical palmistry for 24 years. He got the foundation of palmistry from his father in childhood.His father was Practicing Ayurvedic medicine and having good knowledge of Indian palmistry.He has been studding so many books of palmistry and astrology from various country culture. He also got the knowledge of astrology form U.K. based famous astrologer Mr. P.A.Patel (Jyotishi Anand) and learn form various other Indian Gurus.He has gone through many palms for its reliability got more success.He has font of palmistry he loves palmistry believe in truth of it.He never gets any wrong with palmistry.He always likes to go through laymen’s palm. He has good practice of it and known as Layman’s palmist.”

    India is often described as the ‘Mecca of palmistry’:
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    * Vedic palmistry books
    * Vedic palmistry in India
    * Vedic palmistry in Canada
    * Vedic palmistry in Australia

    Palmist Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez

    Palmist Dr. Francisco Rodriguez reads hands in Barcelona, Spain.

    Palmistry, Quiromancia & Quiromagia.

    Palmist Francisco Rodriguez

    Palmistry, Quirologia & Quiromancia by Francisco Rodriguez

    Palmist Francisco Rodriguez says on his website about quiromagia (in Spanish language):

    “Francisco Rodriguez teaches courses and conducts therapies to heal the soul throughout the Spanish geography and America. He has published ‘El Arte de Interpretar la Mano’ [The Art of Hand Interpreting], ‘El Gran Libro de la Lectura de la Mano’ [The Big Book of Reading in the hand] and ‘Quiromagía: la quiromancia del siglo XXI’ [Quiromagia: the palmistry of the twenty-first century]. Francisco Rodriguez is a regular contributor to various magazines and newspapers and is considered one of the best readers in the hands of Europe and America. With over thirty years experience as an interpreter of hands, Francisco Rodriguez Acatlan has created a method to read the hand according to the progress of science and technology contemporary, both social and spiritual. Francisco Rodriguez is the creator of the term ‘Quiromagia’.”

    Palmistry is very popular in Spain:
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    * Quiromancia books (palmistry books in Spanish language)

    The most popular translation of the word ‘Palmistry’ is in Spanish language: Quiromancia.

    Buenos Aires
    Palmist Enrique Coria
    Enrique Coria

    Palmist Dr. Enrique Coria reads hands in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Palmistry & Quirologia.

    Palmist Enrique Coria

    Palmistry & Quirologia by Enrique Coria

    Palmist Enrique Coria says on his website about quirologia course (in Spanish language):

    “The hand is a termination point of brain impulses. Thoughts that govern our discourse for a long time, attitudes that are part of our vision for the future, are intended to activate sensory responses in their hands, which in turn are recorded as lines. This course is intended for all those who want to make a thorough and updated QUIROLOGIA in order to learn to read, in their own hands or those of others.”

    Palmistry is very popular in Argentina:
    * Find more Palmists in Argentina
    * Curso de Quiromancia (palmistry course in Spanish language)

    The most popular translation of the word ‘Palmistry’ is in Spanish language: Quiromancia.

    Palmist Abarin Yuriy presents palmistry from Russia.

    Palmist Abarin Yuriy

    Palmistry from Russia:

    Palmist Abarin Yuriy describes the difference between ‘the line of influence’ and the ‘line of Mars’.

    In many palmistry books of a ‘line of influence’ is often called a ‘line of Mars’, which is not correct. Though these palmistry lines have some common characteristics: e.g. an arrangement and some properties.

    Palmistry from Russia: ‘the line of influence’

    Abarin Yuriy is a Chiromantist from Samara, Russia and he presents his website at www.xiro-hant.ru

    In his article Mr. Yuriy describes 15 aspects of ‘the line of influence’, and he explains that this line is related to the influence of close people; other names for this line are: ‘the Guardian angel line’, ‘support line’, or ‘line of Venus’.


    Palmistry from Russia

    Palmist Saya Deva
    Saya Deva

    Palmist Saya Deva reads hands in Yangon, Myanmar.

    Hindu Palmistry & Vedic Palmistry.

    Palmist Saya Deva

    Hindy & Vedic Palmistry by Saya Deva

    Palmist Saya Deva is practicing Vedic & Hindu Palmistry in Yangon, Myanmar (former Burma). He presents on his website some recommendations about himself.

    More info about Saya Deva: SON OF SAYA SUNDRA, GREAT PALMIST AND SEER; No. 75, Dhammazedi Road, Sanchaung P.O, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel: 951-505171; E-mail: sayadeva@myanmar.com.mm

    Palmistry is very popular in Myanmar!:

    * Find more Palmists in Myanmar
    * Palmist Sayargyi U San Tin Aung

    Article about the hands of Senior General Than Shwe – who is the political and military leader of Myanmar since 1992.

    Take a look at a large part of the international vocabulary + synonyms for the word ‘PALMIST’ (PALM READER):

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in English language are:
    Palm Reader, Hand Analyst (or: Handanalyst), Hand Reader (or: Handreader), Chiromantist, Cheirologist, Cheirologer, Chirologist, Chirognomist, Cheirognomist, Cheirosophist.

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Spanish language are:
    Palmista, Lecturer de las Manos, Quiromante, Quirologo, Quiromántico, Quiromántica

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Porteguese language are:
    Quiromante, Quirologo

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in French language:
    Chiromancien, Cheiromanciene, Chirologue

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in German language:
    Handleser, Handleserin, Handanalyste, Chiromantiker, Chirologie

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Danish language:
    Håndlæsner, Håndtydner, Kiromant, Kiromantiker

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Dutch language:
    Handlezer, Handlezeres, Handlijnkundige, Handleeskundige, Handanalist

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Italian language:
    Chiromante, Chirologo

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Norwegian language:
    Håndanalyse, Håndtydning, Håndlesning, Håndlæsning, Kiromanti

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Rusian language are:
    Hiromant, Hiromantik, Khiromantiy, Hiromantiy

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Swedish language:
    Handanalyst, Kiromant

    Palmist Johan Hjelmborg
    Johan Hjelmborg

    Palmist (handleser) Johan Hjelmborg reads hands in Roskilde.

    Astro-Palmistry: cheirology & handlesen.

    Palmist Johan Hjelmborg

    Astro-Palmistry by Johan Hjelmborg

    Palmist Johan Hjelmborg is practicing Astro-Palmistry in Roskilde. He writes on his website about astro-palmistry:


    “… Hand reading and astrology have much in common and some cultures even as “the same” seen. I.e. narrates one an Indian, that astrologer, it is immediately opposite stretch his hands and a “prediction” ask.

    An important common denominator between the two are the common names. Because the finger, the lines and the various rooms of the planet palm bear names, like “Saturn’s finger,” “Mercury line,” “Venusberg” etc. But there are of course crucial differences. The knowledge of the astrological predictions laws to allow collective level, such as Earthquakes or movements on the stock exchange – which is completely outside the possibilities of a hand-held reader is located. However tell the constitution and hands over psyche as well as on Earth and very specific circumstances of the individual, ie facts on which the astrologer maximum implicitly, can describe – unless his intuition comes to help him…”