Palmistry Forum: ask your question about Palmistry … or your hands!

October 1, 2008

The International College of Palmistry.

Are you interested to ask a question about your hands? Or do you have a question about Palmistry?

You can ask your question at:

The International College of Palmistry!!!

This Palmistry forum offers:

– Free assistance from some very experienced Palmists and Hand Analysts in the world!
– A rich history of discussions and shared palmistry materials!

For example, you can also take a look at some ‘famous hands’:

* The hands of Hillary Clinton
* The hands of Benazir Bhutto
* Elvis Presley’s fingerprints

PS. NOTICE: You’ll have to join the forum to look at the pictures & illustration in the discussion!!!

4 Responses to “Palmistry Forum: ask your question about Palmistry … or your hands!”

  1. James Says:

    So I have been reading up in Palmistry. I know that the left hand is what you are given and the right hand is what you make of it(if you are right handed, opposite if left). My question is regarding the fate line. On my left hand I have a very defined fate line , starting in the mount of neptune and it goes clearly towards the mount of saturn. BUT on my right hand my fate line fades, and the marks that were across my left handed fate line have become the fate line in my right hand. Lots of breaks .

    My question is have these marks taken over my fate line? ( i have actually gone through 2 major career changes actor/activist,scientist then lawyer so it makes sense) but why does my fate line fade so much? I have also heard in Indian palmistry that the fate line has more to do with your karma and what you have to learn. In that case does the fading mean I will learn or I wont learn?

    what is the consensus out there about fate lines?

  2. Shanker Ganesh Says:

    My head line has no start and no end… It is equally dividing my hands..What it mean..No books says regarding this..Plz help me..

    • Hello Shanker Ganesh,

      I am not sure about what you’ve described; does this implicate that you have a very long head line which divides your palm into 2 zones (above & under the head line)? If so, I think you have a classical Sydney-line!


      • James Says:

        What kind of hand do you have?(philosopher,sensitive, square, spatulate, mixed?)

        in the book I use an all the way across head line indicates a person who will have a direct approach to life. In indian palmistry when the headline reaches the end of the palm it will indicate someone who is sucessfull using thier mind.

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