Palmist Francisco Rodriguez reads hands in Barcelona! | Palmistry in Spain

October 25, 2008

Palmist Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez

Palmist Dr. Francisco Rodriguez reads hands in Barcelona, Spain.

Palmistry, Quiromancia & Quiromagia.

Palmist Francisco Rodriguez

Palmistry, Quirologia & Quiromancia by Francisco Rodriguez

Palmist Francisco Rodriguez says on his website about quiromagia (in Spanish language):

“Francisco Rodriguez teaches courses and conducts therapies to heal the soul throughout the Spanish geography and America. He has published ‘El Arte de Interpretar la Mano’ [The Art of Hand Interpreting], ‘El Gran Libro de la Lectura de la Mano’ [The Big Book of Reading in the hand] and ‘Quiromagía: la quiromancia del siglo XXI’ [Quiromagia: the palmistry of the twenty-first century]. Francisco Rodriguez is a regular contributor to various magazines and newspapers and is considered one of the best readers in the hands of Europe and America. With over thirty years experience as an interpreter of hands, Francisco Rodriguez Acatlan has created a method to read the hand according to the progress of science and technology contemporary, both social and spiritual. Francisco Rodriguez is the creator of the term ‘Quiromagia’.”

Palmistry is very popular in Spain:
* Find more Palmists in Spain
* Quiromancia books (palmistry books in Spanish language)

The most popular translation of the word ‘Palmistry’ is in Spanish language: Quiromancia.

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