Palmistry in Yangon, Myanmar!

November 30, 2008

Palmist Theikpan Myint Oo reads hands in Myanmar.

Palmist Theikpan Myint Oo reads hands in Myanmar.

Palmistry in Myanmar

For those who believe that the lines on your hand form a map of your life, the palmists of Yangon can offer advice, consolation and, should danger loom, warnings.

The shape, contours and colour of the palm of the hand and the length and pattern of the hand creases formed when it folds are a reliable guide to the person’s past, present occupation and preoccupations, and also their future.

“The lines on your palm describe what kind of person you are and predict what trouble you experience at present,” says Daw Khin Yadanar Sint, who has made a career of reading the palms of people from all walks of life since 1993. She added that astrologers can tell a lot about a client by examining his or her hands. Even the colour and shape of a palm can hold clues, so that vegetable sellers have flat palms and rich and successful people have pink and fleshy palms.

Daw Khin Yadanar Sint said every line on the human hand has a meaning. A person might travel many different paths during a lifetime and encounter many events that mark important stages in the journey. Her job is to advise on the right move at the right time to ensure success in work, or in love.

Most people approach famous palmists and astrologers whose predictions appear weekly in local journals, hoping for a glimpse of the future.

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The myth of fingerprints.

PALMISTRY MOVIE: The Myth of Fingerprints

RELEASE DATE: 17 September 1997 (USA)

GENRE: Drama | Comedy

An ambitious debut for writer/director Bart Freundlich charting the unrest with a family who gather together for thanks giving.

Randee Allen … Waitress
Arija Bareikis … Daphne
Justin Barreto … Young Jake
Chris Bauer … Jerry
Nicholas Bourgeois … Young Warren
Tom Cumler … Man at Train Station
Blythe Danner … Lena
Hope Davis … Margaret
Christopher Duva … Tom
Kelsey Gunn … Young Leigh
Laurel Holloman … Leigh
Brian Kerwin … Elliot
James LeGros … Cezanne
Julianne Moore … Mia
Polly Pelletier … Young Mia

The Myth of Fingerprints

Myth of fingerprints - 1 Myth of fingerprints - 2 Myth of fingerprints - 3

Psychodiagnostic chirology is a milestone in the history of modern hand reading!

Psychodiagnostic chirology is a milestone in the history of modern hand reading!

What is psychodiagnostic chirology?

Founder Arnold Holtzman from Yehud (Israel) describes this advanced system of hand analysis as : ‘The Science of Handreading in Psychological Diagnosis’.

In 1983 Holtzman presented his first book ‘Applied Handreading’, and in 2004 he presented his masterpiece: ‘The Illustrated Textbook of Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy’.

Psychodiagnostich Chirology (PDC) is described by Holtzman in his second book as follows:

“From its somewhat esoteric origins in the medical-genetic science of dermatoglyphics, Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC) has evolved to become one of the most powerful and dramatic tools available to professional therapists in the behavioral sciences today.”

Interestingly, Holtzman has positioned PDC in line with the theoretical conceptualizations and clinical orientation described by various famous 20th century figures in the history of modern psychology, like for example: Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Abraham Maslow (1908-1970).

The picture below describes the theoretic framework which is described in PDC of the human hand. The model includes two polar dimensions which are very related to the Psychoanalysis described by Freud (‘CONSCIOUS vs. SUBCONSCIOUS’ and ‘MIND vs. BODY’).

The Psychodiagnostic Chirology model of the human hand.

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What relates basketball to fat? Your hands and fingers!

What relates basketball to fat? Your hands & fingers!

Big hands, basketball & fat:

You may have wondered sometime: why do basketball players have big hands and long fingers? The question is answered by researchers at the University of Alberta and the University of California-Riverside. Their research results indicate that individuals with a long index finger compared to the ring finger (a low ‘finger ratio’) appear to more inclined to voluntarily participate in intense physical exertion.

The results indicate that if you absolutely detest exercising, it may not be due to laziness or lack of willpower… it might be related to your hormones & the length of your fingers! Although the researchers believe their findings are applicable to humans, the study actually involved 1,000 white mice. And you probably weren’t even aware that mice had fingers.

The men in white aren’t perfect specimens, mind you — 44 percent are overweight and 6 percent are obese — but that’s considerably leaner than the general public, 65 percent of whom are overweight, and fully 32 percent obese. Yours truly has no idea why the Harvard Physicians’ study did not include female M.D.s, but simple cowardice comes to mind.

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Harrison Richards - Palm reader in Leeds

Palm reader Harrison Richards reads palms in Leeds

Contemporary palmistry.

Palm reader Harrison Richards

Harrison Richard's website

At his website Harrison Richards Harrison Richards describes how he has read the minds, palms and cards of thousands of people around the world, both in person and on national television. Harrison Richards appears to have pulled the ancient art of palm reading kicking and screaming into the 21st Century!

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Barack Obama: another left-handed US president

Next january elected president Barack Obama will likely become the 7th ‘left-handed’ US president in American history. Over the years there has been a discussion about high number of ‘left-handed’ presidents in American history. Actually, including Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama will become the 4th (out of five) left-handed president in less than 20 years. For, the current president, George W. Bush has been the only right-handed US president in the past two decades – his father and Bill Clinton are ‘lefties’ as well! Oh, and by the way, the other presidential candidate in 2008, senator John McCain, is also left-handed!

How come that so many US presidents are left-handed? Partly it’s a big mystery, but a quick hand reading of Obama’s hand might provide us a clue!

Barack Obama's left hand.

An interesting characteristic in Obama’s hand is ratio between his index finger (2th digit) and ring finger (4th digit). Professor John T. Manning named this specific finger ratio the ‘digit ratio’ (2D:4D). One of the interesting findings regarding this ‘digit ratio’ is Manning’s theory that a LOW DIGIT RATIO is likely to the result of an overabundance of testosterone in the mother’s womb during pregnancy. Not long ago another research program was published at the University of Melbourne, which reported that left-handednes can also be linked to a ‘LOW DIGIT RATIO’. And therefore there appears to be spectacular ‘triple-link’ between: (1) left-handedness, (2) ‘LOW DIGIT RATIO’, and (3) the fact that so many US presidents are left-handed!!!

Ronald Reagan's right hand.

How to measure the ‘digit ratio’ of a hand?

The picture on right describes the key-elements: first you’ll need to identify the onset of both the index- and ring finger. Then you’ll have to measure the absolute length of these finger – the length from the onset to the tip of the finger. And finally you’ll need to do a calculation: the ratio between the length of both fingers!

How to measure digit ratio!

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New Delhi
Manish Paliwal - Palmist in New Delhi

Palmist Manish Paliwal reads hands in New Delhi (India)

Western & Indian Palmistry.

Palmist Manish Paliwal

Indian Palmist Manish Paliwal

Palmist Manish Paliwal writes on his website very sincere and open about palmistry research:

What kind of research has been done in the field of palmistry by me and others in the world ?

“Not much research has been done in this field, the research which is happening is being done not under the name palmistry but in the name of medical and legal research [fingerprints]. Palmistry research has not still been done much as it needs scan and photo of the palm print and deep statistical research over a period of years. This research is a never ending process as times change so does the science & palmistry.

This research can not be done by one individual its a teamwork which combine’s the research of thousands of researchers together. These researchers cant just be palmist but they should have deep knowledge of all the subjects in life (lack of knowledge of medial, business, art, creativity, administration and other subjects will have an adverse effect on the palm reading which a palmist gives). A researcher has to be a sufferer who has undergone deep sufferings in order to know the deep meaning of life and how life plays its own game.

These words can’t be understood by a person who has not passed through those circumstances. The other reason why no research is taking place its because people have taken up palmistry as an individual and not as a team. It’s a combination of knowledge which brings about more accumulation of knowledge.”

India is often described as the ‘Mecca of palmistry’:
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Fujitsu presents vein pattern palm reading.

Fuijtsu vein pattern palm reading

Earlier this year Tokyo-based Fujitsu presented it’s PalmSecure – a vascular pattern recognition system to accurately identify people while they hold their palm just above the cube.

For years, biometric fingerprint scanners have been used, but there are various problems with fingerprint scanners. For, researchers were able to prove that a flat photograph or molded fingertip can easily fool these devices into giving a false approval.

But with Fujitu’s PalmSecure the situation has improved dramatically. The PalmSecure scan requires less than a second, and it captures the unique branching pattern of blood veins and instantly converts key data points into a numerical code that can be compared with other palm scans to identify matches. The miniaturized device can plug into a laptop computer via a USB port, while an alternative version released last year incorporates the palm scanner into a computer mouse to facilitate secure logins.

Carolinas HealthCare System, the nation’s third largest public healthcare provider, began using PalmSecure last year in several major hospitals as part of the nation’s first biometric patient identification system based on vascular recognition technology. Now deployed at eight locations and two urgent care facilities, the identification program has enrolled about 170,000 patients in all. Once patients have registered their unique biometric “vein template,” it can be linked directly to their medical records.

This month Fujitsu announced ValleyCare as the first hospital in California that will use the PalmSecure for it’s patient registration and identification system. The (TM) palm vein authentication technology is part of its new Patient Access Lifetime Match (PALM).

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Valerija Brkljac - Hand reader in Milan

Hand reader Valerija Brkljac reads hands in Milan

Chiromanzia & celebrity hand reading.

Hand reader Valerija Brkljac

Valerija Brkljac's website

At her website Valerija Brkljac presents quite a lot of interesting hand-materials related to various international developments in the world (where she shows a clear interesting in politicians and people who have changed the world), including:

‘Famous hands’ & ‘Cover’ [‘Mani famose’ & ‘Copertina’]: e.g. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Osama Bin Laden
Lady Diana – the princess of mystery [La Principessa dei Misteri]

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Palmar fascia lies under the skin.

Palmar fascia lies under the skin.

Lumpy areas on the palm can signal cancer.

Lumpy areas on the palm can signal cancer.

Palm reading: a diagnostic tool for cancer

Medical experts say that spotting ovarian cancer – widely known as the “silent killer” – is extremely difficult because the symptoms are usually vague and often go unnoticed. However, only recently the medical experts at the Royal Free Hospital in London diagnosed a case of ovarian cancer in a 74-year-old woman, after she presented her palms featured with thickened skin.

Four months before she had noticed lumpy areas on her palms which then progressed to general thickening – but she was otherwise healthy and had no other symptoms.

In the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, the expert team said they suspected the condition known as palmar fasciitis, which could be linked to cancer. And indeed they found an ovarian mass, a phenomenon known as a ‘paraneoplastic syndrome’ – which is characterized by symptoms that occur because of a cancer, but the symptoms are not directly related to cancer cells present in that area of the body. Other manifestations include types of arthritis or nerve problems. After this early diagnosis the medical experts were able to treat the patient successfully with chemotherapy.

Can palm reading pick up cancer

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