Do you have a simian line?

November 2, 2008

The simian line.

The simian line.

A simian line variant.

A simian line variant.

A simian crease variant.

A simian crease variant.

A single transverse crease variant.

A single transverse crease variant.

A perfect simian line!

A perfect simian line!

The simian line

The simian line has been well-known since R.L. Down discovered in 1906 it’s significance in Down syndrome – it was his father who actually discovered the Down syndrome in 1866. Since then the simian line has been studied in many other aspects of life. The full article presents an overview of the most relevant aspects of the simian line.


A typical ‘simian line’ is characterized by the presence of a single line that runs across the palm of the hand. People normally have three major hand creases in their palms. Only when the simian line is present there are only two major creases. By the way, the simian line can manifest in various line constellations in the palm: some examples are present at the left.


The most popular alternative names for the ‘simian line’ are:

  • simian crease
  • single palmar transverse crease
  • simian fold

    The simian line appears to be related to rich scala of medical problems. presents a list of 93 causes of the simian crease, including Down syndrome, fragile-x syndrome and the cat-cry syndrome. However, one should never forget that the simian line (simian crease) is also found in the hands of perfectly healthy people!

    The simian line: a notorious hand crease!


    6 Responses to “Do you have a simian line?”

    1. eric higgins Says:

      I have simian lines on both hands and wonder whats in store for me???

    2. simone Says:

      My daughter has one she has turnner sydrome.

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    5. AccessDNA Says:

      Thank you for bringing attention to this issue.

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