Shamanic palm reading in New York City!

November 8, 2008

New York City
Cat McGuire - Palm reader in New York

Palm reader Cat McGuire reads hands in New York City

Shamanic palm reading.

Palm reader Cat McGuire

Shamanic palm reading.

In the FAQ-section Cat McGuire answers some very interesting questions:

Do you read both hands?

Cat’s answer: “I absolutely look at both hands. Your passive hand reveals what was in store for you when you came into this world. Your dominant hand (the hand you write with) conveys how you have actually lived your life. For whatever reason, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, our deep soul self often re-routes our original path – usually because some important life lesson(s) must be learned. A lot can be discovered by comparing what-was-to-have-been versus what-is (i.e., your passive hand versus your dominant hand).”

Are all palm readers alike?

Cat’s answer: “No, not at all. Just as you could go to ten different astrologers and get ten different readings, so too with palmistry. In addition to the many methods and traditions in existence, every palm reader inevitably brings to the table their own unique talents and interpretations.”

What is shamanism, and how do you use it?

Cat’s answer: “Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice on earth, going back at least 20,000 years. All peoples on this planet originally practiced shamanism. Today, shamanism has been all but obliterated by the imperialism of organized religions. Throughout the world, however, pockets survive, primarily in indigenous communities. In shamanism, journeys are made to the other side to acquire spiritual power, knowledge, and wisdom. Power animals and other forces of nature serve as spirit guides. Using ritual and often altered states of consciousness, shamanic practitioners return from the spirit realms with vital information for healing and transformation.

I define my work as “shamanic palm reading” because shamanism is the foundation of my personal spiritual practice. When I give readings, in addition to the scientific information I impart, my shamanic spirit guides work with me to transmit wisdom and guidance from the other side. I know that sounds New Age-y, and I never would have believed it myself, but I have come to accept that that is what actually happens. For readings in my home, I work with feathers, stones, and rattles. I also “smudge,” which is the burning of sage for purification purposes.”

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