Palmist Manish Paliwal presents Palmistry in New Delhi!

November 14, 2008

New Delhi
Manish Paliwal - Palmist in New Delhi

Palmist Manish Paliwal reads hands in New Delhi (India)

Western & Indian Palmistry.

Palmist Manish Paliwal

Indian Palmist Manish Paliwal

Palmist Manish Paliwal writes on his website very sincere and open about palmistry research:

What kind of research has been done in the field of palmistry by me and others in the world ?

“Not much research has been done in this field, the research which is happening is being done not under the name palmistry but in the name of medical and legal research [fingerprints]. Palmistry research has not still been done much as it needs scan and photo of the palm print and deep statistical research over a period of years. This research is a never ending process as times change so does the science & palmistry.

This research can not be done by one individual its a teamwork which combine’s the research of thousands of researchers together. These researchers cant just be palmist but they should have deep knowledge of all the subjects in life (lack of knowledge of medial, business, art, creativity, administration and other subjects will have an adverse effect on the palm reading which a palmist gives). A researcher has to be a sufferer who has undergone deep sufferings in order to know the deep meaning of life and how life plays its own game.

These words can’t be understood by a person who has not passed through those circumstances. The other reason why no research is taking place its because people have taken up palmistry as an individual and not as a team. It’s a combination of knowledge which brings about more accumulation of knowledge.”

India is often described as the ‘Mecca of palmistry’:
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4 Responses to “Palmist Manish Paliwal presents Palmistry in New Delhi!”

  1. Nand Kishore Says:

    Hi,You are doing very good job without any personal interest. Only need to give more crisp and clear analysis.

    Nand Kishore

  2. Nand Kishore Says:

    Hi,I am very impressed with your Positive therapy but I think client needs more sspecific and crisp analysis of his palm.Palm can give one’s present,past & future.I think you should give more light to your client which you can give but you areholding it.Reason for this you know better than me.
    Best Regards-
    Nand Kishore

  3. Nand Kishore Says:

    Hi,you are a through gentleman and very kind person who is serving to the society and spreading positive energy to all human who comes into his contact.Great job done Sir.Keep it up and make this world cheerful by counselling all concerned people who is suffering with lot of problems.I have got some +ve energy from you on your analysis of my palm and find a reason to carry on and sunrise is very close to come.
    Regards- Nand Kishore

  4. manish Says:

    thanks for all that you have said about me.
    i am a man simple with limited knowledge on the subject.
    keep sending your palm print for free reading

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