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In 1998 neurologist Frank R. Wilson published a book titled: “The hand: how its use shapes the brain, language, and human culture”. The book was written into the premise that the hand is as much at the core of human life as the brain itself.

The human hand appears to be a miracle of biomechanics, one of the most remarkable adaptions in the history of evolution. The hands of a concert pianist can elicit glorious sound and stir emotion; those of a surgeon can perform the most delicate operations; those of a rock climber allow him to scale a vertical mountain wall.

In his book Wilson makes the striking claim that it is because of the unique structure of the hand and its evolution in cooperation with the brain that Homo sapiens became the most intelligent, preeminent animal on the earth. And the thumb – Wilson dedicated a full chapter to what he calls the ‘The Twenty Four Karate Thumb’ – played a major role in the evolution of human kind.

The french sculptor César Baldaccini must have had likewise associations while making his famous sculpture ‘The Thumb’ (Le Pouce) – first presented in 1965 in Paris, today you can see it (in bronze or marble) in museums and public places all over the world – see the pictures below.

César & his 'thumb'.The Thumb.


The following research programs focuss on important themes in modern psychology, which are being related to various aspect of the human hand:

  • Hand features related to Autism
  • Hand features related to Neuroticism
  • Left handed & leftward hand asymmetry
  • The top 10 hand gestures you’d better get right
  • Palmistry books.

    Palm reading & Palmistry books (2005 – 2008 )

    Over the past few years palmistry books have been published in many regions of the world. You can now find a comprehensive overview of the palmistry & palm reading books which have been published in the years 2005 – 2008.

    Some well-know palmistry authors included in the list are: palmist Cheiro (R), Ronelle Coburn, Dennis Fairchild, Sasha Fenton, Johnny Fincham, Marion Gale, Robin Gile, Noel Jaquin (R), Pamelah Landers, Daya Nand, Jane Struthers & Richard Unger.

    Palm reading books (published in 2007 + 2008 )
    Palmistry books (published in 2005 + 2006 )

    Kirby Bedon
    Johnny Fincham - Chirologist in Kirby Bedon, UK

    Chirologist Johnny Fincham reads hands in Kirby Bedon (near Norwich, UK)

    Chirology, hand reading & palmistry; author of various palmistry books.

    Chirologist Johnny Fincham

    Palmprint 1996 Palmprint 1998

    Hand reader Johnny fincham writes on his website about ‘changing hands’:

    “The differences in these two hands may seem remarkable, but are in fact quite typical over a two year period. Your own hand may change more or less than this. The hand changes, you are not bound by ‘fate’. Your life is in your hands.”

    Palmist Johnny Fincham is the author of two (popular!) palmistry books:

  • The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry
  • Palmistry: Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours

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    Find a perfect ‘hand-related’ Christmas gift … it’s so easy!

    December 10, 2008

    The TOP 10 ‘handy’ Santa Claus & Christmas gift idea suggestions is presented at HANDRESEARCH.COM – taken from the 2008 hand news reports presented earlier this year, including palmistry books & handy gadgets!:

    The handy Christmas gifts ‘PALMISTRY TOP 10’!

    INCLUDING: Palmistry books & books about: hands around the world, hand gestures, left handedness, and some interesting ‘hand related’ gift-gadgets, such as: funny HandSoap!

    Hands. Hearing Gesture. The Encyclopedia of Palmistry.

    Handsoap - wash your hands with hand soap.

    Gaël Demeaux - Chirologist in Paris

    Chirologist (Chirologue) Gaël Demeaux reads hands in Paris (France)

    Chirologie (Chirologique).

    Chirologist Gaël Demeaux


    Gaël Demeaux is a student of Gerard Aussoleil, and is trained in handwriting analysis and chirology (chirologie), based on a psychological evaluation to facilitate a better understanding of the hand and exploit its potential.

    On his webpage Gaël Demeaux describes modern chirology as follows (in French language):

    “Based on a careful observation of the morphology of the hand, supported by psychological theories, the modern chirologie developed by Gérard Aussoleil differs markedly from any science divination. It is through a methodical angle that the hand becomes a support to interpret the psychology of a person.
    The hand is raised in its relationship with the biological brain (scissure of Rolando). Due to its form and composition, it is seen as an image influences of the nervous system and endocrine essential components that structure the psychology of humans. The couple hand / brain is then seen as the couple main / personality. For some psychologists the chirologie can be a valuable investigative tool that helps to understand the springs that animate the psyche.”

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    Palmistry for speed dating.

    Palmistry for speed dating?

    Palm reader hosts ‘speed dating’ event

    MYRNA LOU GOLDBAUM explained the background of the event in a response as follows:

    “I am known as the Soul Mate Specialist so I chose that niche to promote an event. I named it ‘SINGLES SEEKING SOULMATES: PSYHIC SPEED DATING’. I have had 3 so far and 2 additional events like this one are scheduled.”

    You could call it speed dating and you’d be half right. Friday night’s session at the Bead Lounge was actually an attempt at psychic speed dating. The participants come in and chat with Myrna Lou Goldbaum as she does a quick palm reading. They may visit a pendulum diviner or a rune caster afterward, or get a quick chair chair massage to loosen up.

    In between, they sit, chat and talk. And it’s in those moments that Goldbaum has a chance to size up who fits with whom, or see which couples seem to have a strong “like-mindedness,” and then introduce them.

    “The first one of these I did, we had 36 people — 18 men and 18 women, which never happens,” Goldbaum said with a smile. “Ten of those people, five couples, are still dating.”

    MYRNA LOU GOLDBAUM, Palmist & Soul Mate Specialist:

    Palmist Myrna Lou Goldbaum.

    Cupid’s science: your ring finger & your love life
    The major difference between the hands of men and women
    How to recognize ‘gift markings’ in your hands?
    The simian line and emotional extremes
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