Palmistry intermezzo – next nature hands: ‘the bionic hand’!

February 10, 2009

The bionic hand.

The bionic hand.

10 Milestones of the bionic hand:

Only a few weeks ago TIME presented the i-LIMB hand as one of 2008 best inventions. However, a review of the ‘bionic’ developments during the past decennium shows that the ‘bionic hand’ has been reïnvented over and over again!

Some of the inventors have stated that their ‘bionic hand’ was inspired by the Star Wars & Star Trek science fiction movies. The pictures on the left include the ‘bionic arm’ (robot arm) and the ‘i-LIMB hand’


From the Star Wars ‘bionic hand’ to Time’s 2008 best inventions!!

Take a look at the picture below. It appears obvious that the left one could be described as a NEXT NATURE ‘bionic hand’, however, the truth is that both hands are examples of the ‘FluidHand’!

the FluidHand.

From the Star Wars ‘bionic hand’ to Time’s 2008 best inventions!
A new milestone for the bionic hand
The man who grew a finger
PalmSecure: Fujitsu’s vein pattern palm reader
Finger technology: Hitachi’s finger Vein ID biometric system


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