LIFEPRINTS: by hand analysis & fingerprints expert Richard Unger!

March 18, 2009

Richard Unger presents LIFEPRINTS.

Richard Unger presents: LIFEPRINTS.

Richard Unger’s “LIFEPRINTS” – a successfull Hand Analysis book:

In 2007 US Hand Analyst Richard Unger (from Tiburon, California) presented his first book: “LifePrints – Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints”.

Only 2 years later the book is available in English, German, Russian & now also available in Korean language!

Richard Unger spent more than 25 years of research & experience in the fields of Hand Analysis – resulting in: ‘LifePrints’. Richard Unger is a world’s leading authority on Hand Analysis. LifePrints consists of a booklet that specifically addresses your strengths, challenges and life goals. It offers you inspiring information about your best life.

In ‘LifePrints’, hand analyst Richard Unger presents a groundbreaking combination of fingerprints & self-discovery based on research and fingerprint statistics for more than fifty thousand hands.

Richard Unger showing his book:

Hand Analyst Richard Unger presents his book: 'LifePrints'.

Richard Unger presents: ‘LifePrints’
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5 Responses to “LIFEPRINTS: by hand analysis & fingerprints expert Richard Unger!”

  1. Helen Roberts Says:

    Dear Richard,
    If possible I would like to sign up John Harris for a private hand reading when you are in Austin, Texas in the coming weeks. And we will see you at Katie R;s home.
    Helen Roberts

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  4. Lori Walker Says:

    I have a question about my moon mount on both of my hands. Instead of a whorl there is a tented arch. One is diagonal and one is completely horizontal. Could you please tell me if this means anything? Thank you.

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