The Alien Hand Syndrome: scary stories about hands!

March 20, 2009

The Alien Hand Syndrome.

The Alien Hand Syndrome.

The Alien Hand Syndrome – scary stories about hands & brain damage

The Halloween season is known as THE time for psycho-thriller and horror movies. Maybe, fans of such movies should consider delving into some medical literature to get the best scary stories. The “Alien Hand Syndrome” is always featured with such stories.

People who have the Alien Hand Syndrome have basically no voluntary control over one of their hands.


Although this phenomenon is not particularly hazardous to the patients’ health, it does cause a lot mental frustration. Some patients even go as far as associating a different personality, and sometimes even a different name, with the hand: like they are having a bionic hand out of control. The seemingly supernatural disorder is caused by a few broken connections in the brain. Brain damage can be caused by a variety of factors including accidents, strokes, and brain hemorrhages. One of the causes of alien hand syndrome is damage to the corpus callosum of the brain. The corpus callosum connects the two halves of the brain and helps the two halves communicate with one another. Damage to the posterior regions (backside) of the brain show yet another set of symptoms. The alien hands in such cases tend to stray away from anything in the environment and show uncoordinated movements.

As of now, there isn’t any treatment for this disorder, but in many cases, the symptoms seem to diminish if the alien hand is kept occupied with some task. For patients with the obsessive grasping disorder, if the hand is made to hold an object like a cane at all times, it no longer attempts to grasp other objects. However, patients still have to cope with the perpetual loss of one hand as the alien hand cannot be used to perform any meaningful tasks.

In the “Alien Hand Syndrome” is the brain not always in control over the hands:

In the Alien Hand Syndrome is the brain not always in control over the hands.

The ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’: scary stories about hands & brain damage
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