Hand analyst Hart de Fouw reads hands in San Rafael, California!

May 17, 2009

San Rafael
Hart de Fouw - hand analyst in San Rafael, California (US)
de Fouw

Hand analyst Hart de Fouw reads hands in San Rafael, California (US)

Vedic hand analysis – a.k.a. Hasta Samudrika Shastra.

Hand analyst Hart de Fouw

Vedic hand analysis in the US: Hasta Samudrika Shastra.

Hart de Fouw started studying the Vedic culture in India, and in 1973 he met K.L. Mantri. Since then he started learning to master the core of the Vedic culture – including the vedic hand reading system, called: ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’.

On his website Hart de Fouw writes:

“Hasta Samudrika (very loosely “hand analysis”) is a powerful ally of Jyotish. But it enjoys one great advantage over Jyotish: Rapid Accessibility, when properly taught. Because it naturally complements other disciplines like psychology and alternative health care, counselors and their clients in many fields benefit by the information derived through hand analysis.”

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2 Responses to “Hand analyst Hart de Fouw reads hands in San Rafael, California!”

  1. ailene liquete Says:

    Hello, my name is joi. I’ve been searching for quite sometime now for someone to be able to read my palm the vedic way but could not. I’m going to visit California next week and hope to find someone there who can decipher my palm. I tried to do it on my own but the lines on my palm are complex than others I’ve read. Much appreciated if you can reply as soon as you can. Shukriya!

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