Buenos Aires
Palmist Enrique Coria
Enrique Coria

Palmist Dr. Enrique Coria reads hands in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Palmistry & Quirologia.

Palmist Enrique Coria

Palmistry & Quirologia by Enrique Coria

Palmist Enrique Coria says on his website about quirologia course (in Spanish language):

“The hand is a termination point of brain impulses. Thoughts that govern our discourse for a long time, attitudes that are part of our vision for the future, are intended to activate sensory responses in their hands, which in turn are recorded as lines. This course is intended for all those who want to make a thorough and updated QUIROLOGIA in order to learn to read, in their own hands or those of others.”

Palmistry is very popular in Argentina:
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The most popular translation of the word ‘Palmistry’ is in Spanish language: Quiromancia.