Fingerprints reveal identity, drugs & lifestyle.

Fingerprints reveal identity, drugs & lifestyle

Fingerprints reveal identity, drugs & lifestyle

In the near future a careless touch might be enough for police or insurance companies to determine your identity, your criminal history and certain medical conditions. This article about fingerprint technology explains the details!

Drugs aren’t the only chemicals the new tests could detect. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other medical conditions produce specific chemicals also secreted in sweat and oil.

By tweaking the antibodies on the particles, forensic scientists could test for a variety of medical conditions. This could help police track down a suspect by, say, watching the local kidney dialysis clinic if the suspect has kidney failure.The new fingerprint analysis doesn’t only monitor the body’s internal environment – it also reveals external information. If a person fires a gun or has handled explosive material, trace amounts of those chemicals are left on the hand, which can then be detected if the person leaves a fingerprint.


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