Santa Rosa
Pamelah Landers - Master Hand Analyst

Master Hand Analyst Pamelah Landers reads hands in Santa Rosa, California (USA)

IIHA Lifeprints Hand Analysis – the heart line & ‘Gift Markings’.

Hand Analyst Pamelah Landers

A complete guide to gift markings

Pamelah Landers writes on her website about ‘Gift Markings’:

“Special Line formations in the hands identify Extra Potential Talent called Gift Markings. When you have one, it is a very big deal. The 16 different Gift Markings:

  • Star of Jupiter
  • Star of Saturn
  • Star of Apollo
  • Star on the Moon
  • Line of Clairvoyance
  • Simian Crease
  • Star of Wisdom
  • Persephone Head Line
  • Hal 9000 Head Line
  • Medical Stigmata
  • Lines of Genius
  • Stars of Mars
  • Star of Venus
  • Pure Heart
  • Star of Mercury
  • Star of Neptune”


    Beth Davis - The Hand Analyst from Tuckson

    Hand Analyst Beth Davis reads palms in Tucson, Arizona (USA)

    The IIHA system ‘Life Purpose Hand Analysis’ (lifeprints) – a professional hand analysis system specialized in non-predictive hand reading.

    Hand Analyst Beth Davis

    Hand Analysis

    Beth Davis writes on her website about Hand Analysis:

    What is Hand Analysis?

  • Palmistry as a form of divination emerged in India over 5,000 years ago
  • Hand analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and philosophy
  • Hand analysis is NOT predictive (I can’t tell you how many children you’re going to have or when you’re going to meet that tall, dark stranger.)
  • Hand analysis is a repeatable system, based upon thousands of hands studied
  • Hand analysis can be learned, like learning to read or play a musical instrument
  • Hand analysis does not require psychic ability”

    Lynn Seal - Hand Analysis & Palmistry

    Palmist Lynn Seal reads hands in Torquay, Devon (UK)

    The palmistry system ‘elemental hand analysis’ (+ tarot readings as an extra option)

    Palmist Lynn Seal

    Palmist Lynn Seal presents 'elemental hand analysis'

    Lynn Seal writes on her website in the F.A.Q.-section:

    “Can palmistry predict my future?

    Although the fingerprints never change, the palmar lines and markings change throughout life. If our future was all mapped out for us, surely the lines would stay the same. When looking at a hand, we see the person as they are NOW, bringing their past with them and sowing seeds for the future. Although many palmists do make predictions, any prediction from the hand is only potential. Most prediction is based on the direction you are going in now. It is not set in stone – we all have free will to make choices and changes in our lives, that will affect our future and alter our “fate”, and our lines will change accordingly.”

    Arnold Holtzman - Psychodiagnostic Chirology

    Chirologist Arnold Holtzman reads hands in Yehud (Israel)

    Founding father of the Hand Analysis system ‘Psychodiagnostic Chirology’

    Chirologist Arnold Holtzman

    Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy

    Arnold Holtzman writes on his website about his book:

    “The Illustrated Textbook of Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy: The Science of Handreading in Psychological Diagnosis Hand analysis at its very highest level. Read the reviews:

  • This is the first and only system of hand analysis which has been laboratory tested.
  • This is the first and only system of hand-analysis which has been studied and evaluated by senior academicians and professionals in the behavioral sciences.
  • This is a singularly unique, state-of-the-art, discipline in psychological diagnosis in a language a layman will understand. Laboratory tested with published documentation it delivers an accuracy and reliability that surpass any battery of tests presently available to the professional clinician. More than giving the measure to traits, capabilities, intellectual potential and sexual (libidinal) expressions among other constructions in personality, it focuses powerfully on how personality takes shape and how behavior assumes its patterns.”

    Kenneth A. Lagerström - Holistic Cheirology
    Kenneth A. Lagerström

    Cheirologist Kenneth Lagerström reads hands in Burnaby, BC (Canada)

    Holistic cheirology (hand analysis / palmistry)

    Cheirologist Kenneth A. Lagerström

    Holistic Cheirology

    Kenneth Lagerström writes on his website more about his background and professional services:

    “My father has no hands, which as a young child I believed to be perfectly normal and natural. I was eight years old when the school librarian was given the arduous task of proving to me that my own hands wouldn’t fall off one day. Her efforts began a life-long study into the wonders of Cheirology. Over the years the search has taken me on a bizarre journey through topics with only the hands in common: Palmistry, Chirokinesics, meditation hand positions, Laying of Hands, slight-of-hand, Burning Palm, Iron Palm, reflexology…. the list goes on and on. (I used to be a member of MENSA CANADA, which explains a lot.)

    In 2001 I received the “Year of the Volunteers” certificate from the Government of Canada for outstanding service and contribution.

    In 2002 I became the first British Columbia Representative for 18 Daoist Palms system of internal kung fu, and was later named as the first “International Lohon”.

    Ever since my daughter was born in 2003, I’ve had the privilege of being a “stay-at-home-dad” while continuing my study of the hands. I take care of all the website maintenance myself (content writing, webmastering, etc.) for both sites.

    I am also a current member of the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS).”

    your life purpose & your hands

    Lifeprints: your life purpose & your hands

    Richard Unger - hand analyst

    Richard Unger - hand analyst

    Lifeprints & your life purpose:

    More than 25 years of research were spent developing LifePrints, the creation of Richard Unger, a world’s leading authority on Hand Analysis (palm reading – palmistry). LifePrints consists of a booklet that specifically addresses your strengths, challenges and life goals. It offers you inspiring information about your best life.

    In LifePrints, hand analyst Richard Unger presents a groundbreaking method of self-discovery based on twenty-five years of research and fingerprint statistics for more than fifty thousand hands. Combining the science of dermatoglyphics (the study of fingerprints and related line and hand shape designations) with the ancient wisdom of palmistry, the LifePrints system is a simple yet profoundly accurate means of mapping one’s life purpose.

    Richard Unger presents ‘Lifeprints’

    Unique, unchanging, and formed five months before birth, fingerprints have been an accepted and infallible means of personal identification for a century. In LIFEPRINTS, Richard Unger presents a groundbreaking method of self-discovery and offers a daily compass for meaning and fulfillment.

    Combining the science of dermatoglyphics (the study of fingerprints and related line and hand shape designations) with the ancient wisdom of palmistry, the LifePrints system is a simple yet profoundly accurate means of mapping one’s life purpose. Like examining an acorn to know what kind of oak tree may one day emerge, reading our fingerprints reveals who we are meant to become.

  • A guide to discovering one’s life purpose by decoding the map revealed in our unique combination of fingerprints.
  • This new system is based on the author’s 25 years of research and fingerprint statistics for more than 52,000 hands.
  • Features step-by-step instructions for identifying the fingerprints and mapping the life lessons for reaching our full potential.
  • Includes detailed case studies plus fingerprint readings for Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, Walt Disney, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Charles Manson, and others.
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    Palmistry in the USA

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    Palmistry and Palm Reading is quite popular in the USA. There are various professional organisations in the USA which promote Hand Analysis as a (alternative) ‘science’.

    The most common ‘Palmistry’ synonyms used in the USA are: ‘Palm Reading’, ‘Hand Reading’, and ‘Hand Analaysis’. One should also notice that the word ‘Palm Reading’ is also associated with the PDA-device developed by Palm corp.

    One of the few famous people in the history of Palmistry is the american William G. Benham, who wrote the classic: ‘The Benham book of Palmistry’ – which is sometimes described as: ‘The Bible of Palmistry’.

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