Richard Unger presents LIFEPRINTS.

Richard Unger presents: LIFEPRINTS.

Richard Unger’s “LIFEPRINTS” – a successfull Hand Analysis book:

In 2007 US Hand Analyst Richard Unger (from Tiburon, California) presented his first book: “LifePrints – Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints”.

Only 2 years later the book is available in English, German, Russian & now also available in Korean language!

Richard Unger spent more than 25 years of research & experience in the fields of Hand Analysis – resulting in: ‘LifePrints’. Richard Unger is a world’s leading authority on Hand Analysis. LifePrints consists of a booklet that specifically addresses your strengths, challenges and life goals. It offers you inspiring information about your best life.

In ‘LifePrints’, hand analyst Richard Unger presents a groundbreaking combination of fingerprints & self-discovery based on research and fingerprint statistics for more than fifty thousand hands.

Richard Unger showing his book:

Hand Analyst Richard Unger presents his book: 'LifePrints'.

Richard Unger presents: ‘LifePrints’
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Janet Savage - Hand analyst from Stowe, Vermont

Hand analyst Janet Savage reads hands in the New England Area (Stowe, Vermont)

Fingerprints & life-purpose discovery with hand analysis.

Hand analyst Janet Savage

life purpose hand analysis.

Janet Savage presents her work at HandTales:

“Imagine… having a map that can guide you on your path toward a more purposeful, fulfilling life. And imagine someone there with you to help navigate what may seem like a confusing maze as you discover your hidden treasures.”

“Where is this map? It’s all in your hands!!”

Books about fingerprints & hand analysis:
* Richard Unger presents: ‘Life Prints’
* Ronelle Coburn presents: ‘Destiny at your fingertips’
* Hand analysis & Palm reading books

Richard Unger - Hand analyst from Tiburon

Hand reader Richard Unger reads hands in Tiburon, California

Fingerprints & life-purpose hand analysis.

Hand reader Richard Unger

Lifeprints Hand Analysis

Richard Unger’s work is presented at a brand new website

“Richard Unger – Originator of the LifePrints System – Founder and Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis Richard is the developer of the LifePrints system of analyzing a person’s Life Purpose from their fingerprints. Over the last 38 years, he has probably talked to more people about their Life Purpose than any other person on the planet!”

The website also presents some info about Richard’s master students/collegues: Robert Cocker, Vance Williams, and Janet Savage.

More resources about Hand Analysis:
* Life Prints – Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints
* Hand Readers in the USA
* The International Institute of Hand Analysis

Hand analyst Ed Campbell.

Hand analyst Ed Campbell

Fingerprints & palmistry:

Hand analyst Ed Campbell present on his website Fingerprints & Palmar Dermatoglyphics: a comprehensive article about the basics of fingerprint analysis + a detailed analysis of the historic palmistry literature.
The article includes the following:

  • The history of fingerprints, palmistry and character identity
  • What psychological characteristics are related to the fingerprints according palmists?
  • Ed Campbell’s fingerprint studies and observations
  • The physical dermatoglyphic development of fingerprints
  • Dermatoglyphic studies in health and psychology
  • (Edward Campbell’s article includes a list of 151 sources!)

    Palmar dermatoglyphics.

    Palmar dermatoglyphics

    Take a look at a large part of the international vocabulary + synonyms for the word ‘PALMIST’ (PALM READER):

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in English language are:
    Palm Reader, Hand Analyst (or: Handanalyst), Hand Reader (or: Handreader), Chiromantist, Cheirologist, Cheirologer, Chirologist, Chirognomist, Cheirognomist, Cheirosophist.

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Spanish language are:
    Palmista, Lecturer de las Manos, Quiromante, Quirologo, Quiromántico, Quiromántica

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Porteguese language are:
    Quiromante, Quirologo

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in French language:
    Chiromancien, Cheiromanciene, Chirologue

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in German language:
    Handleser, Handleserin, Handanalyste, Chiromantiker, Chirologie

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Danish language:
    Håndlæsner, Håndtydner, Kiromant, Kiromantiker

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Dutch language:
    Handlezer, Handlezeres, Handlijnkundige, Handleeskundige, Handanalist

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Italian language:
    Chiromante, Chirologo

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Norwegian language:
    Håndanalyse, Håndtydning, Håndlesning, Håndlæsning, Kiromanti

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Rusian language are:
    Hiromant, Hiromantik, Khiromantiy, Hiromantiy

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Swedish language:
    Handanalyst, Kiromant

    Kianna Smith - Hand Analyst from Austin

    Hand Analyst Kianna Smith reads hands in Austin, Texas (USA)

    Master Teacher and Master Hand Analyst in IIHA Hand Analysis: lifeprints

    Hand Analyst Kianna Smith

    Destiny at your fingertips

    Kianna Smith writes on her website about Hand Analysis:

    The HAND ANALYST examines:

  • The overall shape of the palm and fingers to determine basic temperament.
  • The thumb, to see how you get things done within your environment and control.
  • The twelve segments of the fingers on each hand, to determine personality strengths and weaknesses.
  • The palm lines, to determine what type of emotional system you have, how you think, talents and hidden motivations.
  • The fingertips, to determine your life purpose and life lessons.

  • Oregon
    Ronelle Coburn - Master Hand Analyst

    Hand Analyst Ronelle Coburn reads hands in Portland, Oregon (USA)

    Master Teacher and Master Hand Analyst in IIHA Hand Analysis: lifeprints

    Hand Analyst Ronelle Coburn

    Destiny at your fingertips

    Ronelle Coburn writes on her website about her book Lifeprints Hand Analysis:

    There are three complex interrelated systems in your hands that map-out your individual calling and your personal character:

  • Fingerprints: The first system is your Soul Psychology mapped in your unchangeable fingerprints. Your fingerprints hold the answer to one of the greatest mysteries of life—your destiny.
  • Hand shape: The overall shape of your hands represents the foundation of your personality. Are you primarily a thinker, feeler, doer, or people person? There are four primary hand shapes and most people have a combination of two types.
  • Hand lines: The lines are the most complex system in the hands. They represent the sum total of your brain’s processing over time and tell you about your character (which means “etched” as the lines are carved in your hands).

  • Sternenberg
    Jena Griffiths - IIHA Hand Analysis

    Hand analyst Jena Griffiths reads hands in Sternenberg (Switzerland)

    Hand Analysis Life Purpose support coaching – founded on IIHA hand analysis; Jena also frequently presents courses in South Africa

    Hand Analyst Jena Griffiths

    Hand Analysis Online

    Hand Analyst Jena Griffiths writes about gift markers, and on her website Hand Analysis Online she writes:

    In less than 10 minutes, your hands can answer questions you’ve been asking yourself your whole life:

    Why Am I here?
    What is my purpose on the planet?
    What is my unique business niche?
    How can I live a more authentic life?”

    In 2008 Jena has started a new project: online interviewing some of the best professional Hand Analysts & Palm Reading in the world.

    Read more about Jena’s interviews at:
    The Hand Analysis Interviews

    Pascal Stossel - IIHA Hand Analysis Switzerland

    Master Hand Analyst Pascal Stössel reads hands in Wollerau – Zürich (Switzerland)

    Director of The International Institute of Hand Analysis Switzerland (handanalyse) – a branch of the IIHA in San Rafael, USA.

    Hand Analyst Pascal Stössel


    Pascal Stössel presents a Handanalysis event called ‘Handfest’, which is described as (in German language):

    “Mit HANDFEST, der Event-Sparte des International Institute of Handanalysis, sorgen Sie an Ihrem Anlass für innovative Unterhaltung und Gesprächstoff. HANDFEST hat sich bei Privatanlässen sowie bei Events von KMU und Grossfirmen wie zB. UBS, Migros, Red Bull etc. bewährt. Lesen Sie detaillierte Informationen zu HANDFEST.”

    Santa Rosa
    Pamelah Landers - Master Hand Analyst

    Master Hand Analyst Pamelah Landers reads hands in Santa Rosa, California (USA)

    IIHA Lifeprints Hand Analysis – the heart line & ‘Gift Markings’.

    Hand Analyst Pamelah Landers

    A complete guide to gift markings

    Pamelah Landers writes on her website about ‘Gift Markings’:

    “Special Line formations in the hands identify Extra Potential Talent called Gift Markings. When you have one, it is a very big deal. The 16 different Gift Markings:

  • Star of Jupiter
  • Star of Saturn
  • Star of Apollo
  • Star on the Moon
  • Line of Clairvoyance
  • Simian Crease
  • Star of Wisdom
  • Persephone Head Line
  • Hal 9000 Head Line
  • Medical Stigmata
  • Lines of Genius
  • Stars of Mars
  • Star of Venus
  • Pure Heart
  • Star of Mercury
  • Star of Neptune”