Scientific Hand Reading & Handshake Knowledge.

Scientific Hand Reading & Handshake Knowledge.

Irma de NaGy presents: ‘Handshake Knowledge’ & Scientific Hand Reading:

In 2008 Xlibris presented two books of Irma de NaGy, who was a student of the famous US. palmist William G. Benham.

Irma De Nagy’s books ‘Scientific Hand Reading’ & ‘Handshake Knowlegde’ provides more insight about the fascinating modern science hand reading & the basic principles of palmistry.

With over 1900 illustrations to help facilitate the reading of hands, ‘Scientific Hand Reading’ makes it easy for anyone to learn the basics of reading hands.

In 1952, Hungarian hand reader Irma de NaGy graduated from palmist Dr. William G. Benham’s New York Institute for Vocational Guidance, which covered the scientific study of human hands. Benham is the author of the so-called ‘bible of palmistry’: The Benham Book of Palmistry.

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Magda van Dijk - Hand reader (handleeskundige) from Bodegraven, The Netherlands
van Dijk

Hand reader Magda van Dijk reads hands in Bodegraven, The Netherlands

The Dutch hand reading system: Universele Handleeskunde.

Hand reader Magda van Dijk

Magda van Dijk's website: Universele Handleeskunde.

Palm reader Magda van Dijk presents her Dutch palm reading system ‘Universele Handleeskunde’ [‘Universal Handreading’] at her website: Universele Handleeskunde:

“‘Universal Handreading’ is the wisdom of the Old Time with the knowledge of the New Time to a fully integrated universal.

Modern handreading is an empirical science: the conclusions are based on experience and facts. Universal Handreadng is a system of clearly defined rules combined with psychological insight, knowledge and human empathy. It is a science focussed on the combination of an accurate analysis of the hand in order to make a firm conclusion.

‘Universal Handreading’ uses the ancient knowledge of many cultures enriched and updated with modern psychological insights.”

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hand reading of power!.

Barack Obama: hand reading of power

Barack Obama will soon get his hands on the most powerful job in the Western world. And those hands might reveal a lot about what Barack Obama will do with the power in his hands. Lori Reid, an expert author in hand reading & palmistry, has examined the hand lines on Barack Obama’s hand palm, as well as the length and width of his fingers – this hand reader believes she has Obama’s personality all worked out.

Miss Reid says that Mr Obama’s left hand has extraordinarily long fingers and a long palm. “This hand shape fits into a category known as The Water Hand and is a common feature of artists, writers and thinkers”, she says. In the full article – see the first article below – Lori Reid makes 18 comments about Barack Obama’s left hand (Obama is left-handed) – in which she explains how Obama will likely use his power!

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Puerto Píritu
Odette Dumas - Chirologist in Venezuela

Chirologist Odette Dumas reads hands in Venezuela, South America.

Chirology & hand reading; author of a chirology book (in French language).

Chirologist Odette Dumas

Chirology & dermatoglyphics

Chirologist Odette Dumas has developed a method using colors to illustrate the paths of the dermatoglyphics: see the picture above, taken from the website of one her (former) students: Gerald Gagnon.

Since 2008 Odette Dumas is living in Puerto Píritu, Venezuela – she used to live in Canada.

Hand reader Odette Dumas is also the author of chirology book:

  • La main, reflet de soi, reflet de l’infini (1987) – published under the name: Odette Poisson
  • Find more hand reading experts in South-America:
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    Kirby Bedon
    Johnny Fincham - Chirologist in Kirby Bedon, UK

    Chirologist Johnny Fincham reads hands in Kirby Bedon (near Norwich, UK)

    Chirology, hand reading & palmistry; author of various palmistry books.

    Chirologist Johnny Fincham

    Palmprint 1996 Palmprint 1998

    Hand reader Johnny fincham writes on his website about ‘changing hands’:

    “The differences in these two hands may seem remarkable, but are in fact quite typical over a two year period. Your own hand may change more or less than this. The hand changes, you are not bound by ‘fate’. Your life is in your hands.”

    Palmist Johnny Fincham is the author of two (popular!) palmistry books:

  • The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry
  • Palmistry: Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours

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  • Milan
    Valerija Brkljac - Hand reader in Milan

    Hand reader Valerija Brkljac reads hands in Milan

    Chiromanzia & celebrity hand reading.

    Hand reader Valerija Brkljac

    Valerija Brkljac's website

    At her website Valerija Brkljac presents quite a lot of interesting hand-materials related to various international developments in the world (where she shows a clear interesting in politicians and people who have changed the world), including:

    ‘Famous hands’ & ‘Cover’ [‘Mani famose’ & ‘Copertina’]: e.g. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Osama Bin Laden
    Lady Diana – the princess of mystery [La Principessa dei Misteri]

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    Richard Unger - Hand analyst from Tiburon

    Hand reader Richard Unger reads hands in Tiburon, California

    Fingerprints & life-purpose hand analysis.

    Hand reader Richard Unger

    Lifeprints Hand Analysis

    Richard Unger’s work is presented at a brand new website

    “Richard Unger – Originator of the LifePrints System – Founder and Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis Richard is the developer of the LifePrints system of analyzing a person’s Life Purpose from their fingerprints. Over the last 38 years, he has probably talked to more people about their Life Purpose than any other person on the planet!”

    The website also presents some info about Richard’s master students/collegues: Robert Cocker, Vance Williams, and Janet Savage.

    More resources about Hand Analysis:
    * Life Prints – Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints
    * Hand Readers in the USA
    * The International Institute of Hand Analysis

    Take a look at a large part of the international vocabulary + synonyms for the word ‘PALMIST’ (PALM READER):

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in English language are:
    Palm Reader, Hand Analyst (or: Handanalyst), Hand Reader (or: Handreader), Chiromantist, Cheirologist, Cheirologer, Chirologist, Chirognomist, Cheirognomist, Cheirosophist.

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Spanish language are:
    Palmista, Lecturer de las Manos, Quiromante, Quirologo, Quiromántico, Quiromántica

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Porteguese language are:
    Quiromante, Quirologo

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in French language:
    Chiromancien, Cheiromanciene, Chirologue

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in German language:
    Handleser, Handleserin, Handanalyste, Chiromantiker, Chirologie

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Danish language:
    Håndlæsner, Håndtydner, Kiromant, Kiromantiker

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Dutch language:
    Handlezer, Handlezeres, Handlijnkundige, Handleeskundige, Handanalist

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Italian language:
    Chiromante, Chirologo

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Norwegian language:
    Håndanalyse, Håndtydning, Håndlesning, Håndlæsning, Kiromanti

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Rusian language are:
    Hiromant, Hiromantik, Khiromantiy, Hiromantiy

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Swedish language:
    Handanalyst, Kiromant

    Marion Gale - Hand Reading

    Hand reader Marion Gale reads hands in Toronto (Canada)

    Compatibility hand reading with ‘The Love Deck’.

    Hand Reader Marion Gale

    Read his hands, know his heart

    Marion Gale presents on her website an interesting collection of famous hands and sample readings. She writes on, her website:


    Reading hands can change the way your look at yourself, as well as those you love.
    Your hands can be a guide to the profession you’re suited for and also for who you’re compatible with when it comes to relationships. From the shape and length of your hand and fingers, as well as the skin ridge patterns, you can discern your talents, character and your romantic nature.”