Magda van Dijk - Hand reader (handleeskundige) from Bodegraven, The Netherlands
van Dijk

Hand reader Magda van Dijk reads hands in Bodegraven, The Netherlands

The Dutch hand reading system: Universele Handleeskunde.

Hand reader Magda van Dijk

Magda van Dijk's website: Universele Handleeskunde.

Palm reader Magda van Dijk presents her Dutch palm reading system ‘Universele Handleeskunde’ [‘Universal Handreading’] at her website: Universele Handleeskunde:

“‘Universal Handreading’ is the wisdom of the Old Time with the knowledge of the New Time to a fully integrated universal.

Modern handreading is an empirical science: the conclusions are based on experience and facts. Universal Handreadng is a system of clearly defined rules combined with psychological insight, knowledge and human empathy. It is a science focussed on the combination of an accurate analysis of the hand in order to make a firm conclusion.

‘Universal Handreading’ uses the ancient knowledge of many cultures enriched and updated with modern psychological insights.”

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Deutsch Wagram
Handreader Adele Birnbauer
Adele Birnbauer

Handreader Adele Birnbauer reads hands in Deutsch Wagram.

Handreading (Handlesen): the past & the future.

Handreader Adele Birnbauer

Palmistry reading by Pat F.

Handreader Adele Birnbauer is practicing handreading in Deutsch Wagram (Austria). She writes on her website


… Flashbacks into the past will give you the necessary confidence in the statements for the future. Love, career, health, talents, etc. are clear in your hands. You can push for changes in your active life..”

Jen Hirsch - Cheirologist

Cheirologist Jen Hirsch reads hands in Gauteng (South Africa)

5 Element Cheirology, founder of the Cheirology Centre for the Study of Handreading South Africa

Cheirologist Jen Hirsch

Jen Hirsch's website

Jen Hirsch writes about cheirology (hand reading) on her website about ‘5 Element Cheirology’:

“Cheirology is an evolved form of Palmistry”

“I promote the craft as an authentic healing therapy. Handreading is not to be equated with Palmistry, gypsies, caravans, crystal balls and fortune-telling, and should no longer carry the associated reputation of charlatanism and fakery.

Growing numbers of medical doctors worldwide are studying Cheirology to substantiate physical, emotional and mental diagnosis. With many forms of alternative medicine emerging, this modality is making inroads into mainstream thinking.

Expertise in identifying and encoding the meanings in the markings of the hand is developed by studying a five element system, which forms Cheirology’s interpretative language. Earth, water, fire and air each have a variety of associated principles.”

Take a look at a large part of the international vocabulary + synonyms for the word ‘PALMISTRY’:

The ‘PALMISTRY’ vocabulary in English language includes the words:
Palm Reading, Handanalysis, Hand Analysis, Hand Reading, Handreading, Chiromancy, Cheiromancy, Chirology, Cheirology, Chirognomy, Cheirognomy, Cheirosophy, Onychomancy

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Spanish language are:
Leer las Manos, Leer la Mano, Lectura de Manos, Quiromancia, Quirologia, Quirognomia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Porteguese language are:
Ler Mãos, Ler Mão, Leitura de Mãos, Quiromancia, Quirologia, Quirognomia, Quiromante

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in French language:
Chiromancie, Cheiromancy, Chirologie, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in German language:
Handlesekunst, Handlesen, Handanalyse, Chiromantik, Chiromantie & Chirologie

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Danish language:
Håndlæsning, Håndtydning, Kiromanti,

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Dutch language:
Handlezen, Handlijnkunde, Handleeskunde, Handanalyse, Chirologie

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Hungaryan language:
Kiromanteia, Tenyérjóslás

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Italian language:
Chiromanzia, Cheiromanzia, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Norwegian language:
Håndanalyse, Håndtydning, Håndlesning, Håndlæsning, Kiromanti

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Polish language are:
Chiromancja, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Rusian language are:
Hiromantia, Hiromantika, Khiromantiya, Hiromantiya, Hiromanty

The ‘PALMISTRY’ vocabulary in Swedish language includes the words:
Handanalys, Kiromantie

Arnold Holtzman - Psychodiagnostic Chirology

Chirologist Arnold Holtzman reads hands in Yehud (Israel)

Founding father of the Hand Analysis system ‘Psychodiagnostic Chirology’

Chirologist Arnold Holtzman

Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy

Arnold Holtzman writes on his website about his book:

“The Illustrated Textbook of Psychodiagnostic Chirology in Analysis and Therapy: The Science of Handreading in Psychological Diagnosis Hand analysis at its very highest level. Read the reviews:

  • This is the first and only system of hand analysis which has been laboratory tested.
  • This is the first and only system of hand-analysis which has been studied and evaluated by senior academicians and professionals in the behavioral sciences.
  • This is a singularly unique, state-of-the-art, discipline in psychological diagnosis in a language a layman will understand. Laboratory tested with published documentation it delivers an accuracy and reliability that surpass any battery of tests presently available to the professional clinician. More than giving the measure to traits, capabilities, intellectual potential and sexual (libidinal) expressions among other constructions in personality, it focuses powerfully on how personality takes shape and how behavior assumes its patterns.”