Famous palm readings: what do the hands of celebrities reveal?

Famous palm readings: what do the hands of celebrities reveal?

It’s always fun to take a look at the hands of celebrities! Quite a few sources on the internet present fascinating hand analyses often based on hig quality materials of the famous hands of famous people, including: high quality photos, hand prints & sometimes the fingerprints!

The following 2 resources have collected a long list of articles (+20) focussed on some interesting hand characteristics of some well-known celebrities:

• 1 – Famous hands: the hand of celebrities
• 2 – The hands of famous people

PalmistryReport presented earlier ‘celebrity hand-reports’ about:
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Leonid Stadnyk – the largest hand on earth!
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Lee Redmond loses the Guinness World Record longest fingernails.

Lee Redmond loses Guinness World Record longest fingernails in a car crash.

Lee Redmond loses Guinness World Record ‘longest fingernails’ in car crash:

The Guinness World Record for longest fingernails was broken Wednesday, so to speak.

‘Longest fingernails’ Guinness World Record holder Lee Redmond from Salt Lake City has been growing her nails since 1979, but they were broken off in a four-car pileup car crash, according Salt Lake County sheriff’s spokesman Don Hutson.

Lee Redmond was ejected from the SUV vehicle; the injuries to Lee Redmond were serious but not life threatening and she was taken to hospital, according to police.

Lee Redmond holds the Guinness World Record: ‘longest fingernails’
Leonid Stadnyk has the world’s largest living hand
Devendra Harne has 12 fingers and 13 toes
Finger length news
Palmistry Expert – find a palmist

Leonid Stadnyk has the largest hand on earth.

Leonid Stadnyk has the largest palm on earth.

Leonid Stadnyk's mother measures her Leonid Stadnyk's hand.

Mother measures the hand of Leonid Stadnyk.

Leonid Stadnyk from Ukraine has the world’s largest living hand

Since 2007 Leonid Stadnik (from Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraïne) is believed to be the world’s tallest man on earth, after Guinness book’s spokeswoman Amarilis Espinoza stated that Leonid Stadnyk’s lenght is at 2.59m (8 feet, 5 inches).

However, in 2008 Leonid Stadnyk refused to be measured under new guidelines of World Guinness Records. And as a result Bao Xishun (a native of Inner Mongolia, China) – who stands 2.36 m – is now considered as the official tallest man on earth.

Nevertheless, Leonid Stadnyk’s hand measures 31 centimeters long and can be described as:


Leonid Stadnyk has the world’s largest living hand

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