Palmreader Dmitry Karabetskiy
Dmitry Karabetskiy

Palmreader Dmitry Karabetskiy reads palms in Karaganda (Kazakhstan)

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Palmreader Dmitry Karabetskiy

Palmreader Dmitry Karabetskiy

Dmitry Karabetskiy is a representive of ‘palmistry in Kazakhstan’, and he writes on his website www.chiromancyonline.com about Palmreader online:

“Palmreader was developed by Russian programmers, using advices of well known palmists and analyzing books about chiromancy. The Palmreader service developing was guided by the logic and exact analysis of a hand figure, instead of a beautiful design (a beautiful design considerably increases the size of file and downloading time).

Palmreader consists of 17 steps. Each step analyzes the definite figure of a palm. If you will have terminology questions, the answers you can find on pages of this site.”