Stephen Millane - Hand analyst from Melbourne, Australia

Palmist Stephen Millane reads palms in the Melbourne (Victoria, Australia)

Palmistry readings, group readings combined with numerology.

Palmist Stephen Millane

Authentic palmistry.

Stephen Millane presents his palmistry work at Authentic Palmistry:

“Based in Melbourne, Australia, I have a background of 30 years in the study and practice of Palmistry and Hand Analysis (including: health, career & character analysis).

I offer personal consultations in Melbourne and attend corporate functions and public events at various spots in Australia.

My key focus in Palmistry is to offer clarity, understanding and practical insights.”

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Kirby Bedon
Johnny Fincham - Chirologist in Kirby Bedon, UK

Chirologist Johnny Fincham reads hands in Kirby Bedon (near Norwich, UK)

Chirology, hand reading & palmistry; author of various palmistry books.

Chirologist Johnny Fincham

Palmprint 1996 Palmprint 1998

Hand reader Johnny fincham writes on his website about ‘changing hands’:

“The differences in these two hands may seem remarkable, but are in fact quite typical over a two year period. Your own hand may change more or less than this. The hand changes, you are not bound by ‘fate’. Your life is in your hands.”

Palmist Johnny Fincham is the author of two (popular!) palmistry books:

  • The Spellbinding Power of Palmistry
  • Palmistry: Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours

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  • Palmistry for speed dating.

    Palmistry for speed dating?

    Palm reader hosts ‘speed dating’ event

    MYRNA LOU GOLDBAUM explained the background of the event in a response as follows:

    “I am known as the Soul Mate Specialist so I chose that niche to promote an event. I named it ‘SINGLES SEEKING SOULMATES: PSYHIC SPEED DATING’. I have had 3 so far and 2 additional events like this one are scheduled.”

    You could call it speed dating and you’d be half right. Friday night’s session at the Bead Lounge was actually an attempt at psychic speed dating. The participants come in and chat with Myrna Lou Goldbaum as she does a quick palm reading. They may visit a pendulum diviner or a rune caster afterward, or get a quick chair chair massage to loosen up.

    In between, they sit, chat and talk. And it’s in those moments that Goldbaum has a chance to size up who fits with whom, or see which couples seem to have a strong “like-mindedness,” and then introduce them.

    “The first one of these I did, we had 36 people — 18 men and 18 women, which never happens,” Goldbaum said with a smile. “Ten of those people, five couples, are still dating.”

    MYRNA LOU GOLDBAUM, Palmist & Soul Mate Specialist:

    Palmist Myrna Lou Goldbaum.

    Cupid’s science: your ring finger & your love life
    The major difference between the hands of men and women
    How to recognize ‘gift markings’ in your hands?
    The simian line and emotional extremes
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    New Delhi
    Manish Paliwal - Palmist in New Delhi

    Palmist Manish Paliwal reads hands in New Delhi (India)

    Western & Indian Palmistry.

    Palmist Manish Paliwal

    Indian Palmist Manish Paliwal

    Palmist Manish Paliwal writes on his website very sincere and open about palmistry research:

    What kind of research has been done in the field of palmistry by me and others in the world ?

    “Not much research has been done in this field, the research which is happening is being done not under the name palmistry but in the name of medical and legal research [fingerprints]. Palmistry research has not still been done much as it needs scan and photo of the palm print and deep statistical research over a period of years. This research is a never ending process as times change so does the science & palmistry.

    This research can not be done by one individual its a teamwork which combine’s the research of thousands of researchers together. These researchers cant just be palmist but they should have deep knowledge of all the subjects in life (lack of knowledge of medial, business, art, creativity, administration and other subjects will have an adverse effect on the palm reading which a palmist gives). A researcher has to be a sufferer who has undergone deep sufferings in order to know the deep meaning of life and how life plays its own game.

    These words can’t be understood by a person who has not passed through those circumstances. The other reason why no research is taking place its because people have taken up palmistry as an individual and not as a team. It’s a combination of knowledge which brings about more accumulation of knowledge.”

    India is often described as the ‘Mecca of palmistry’:
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    Upendrasingh Bhadoriya - Palmist from Ahmedabad

    Palm reader Upendrasingh Bhadoriya reads hands in Ahmedabad (India)

    Vedic Palmistry.

    Palm reader Upendrasingh Bhadoriya

    Palmistry at ejyotishi

    Upendrasingh Bhadoriya writes on the new website about himself:

    “He is a well-known palmist and Vedic astrologer of India having the experience of practical palmistry for 24 years. He got the foundation of palmistry from his father in childhood.His father was Practicing Ayurvedic medicine and having good knowledge of Indian palmistry.He has been studding so many books of palmistry and astrology from various country culture. He also got the knowledge of astrology form U.K. based famous astrologer Mr. P.A.Patel (Jyotishi Anand) and learn form various other Indian Gurus.He has gone through many palms for its reliability got more success.He has font of palmistry he loves palmistry believe in truth of it.He never gets any wrong with palmistry.He always likes to go through laymen’s palm. He has good practice of it and known as Layman’s palmist.”

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    Palmist Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez

    Palmist Dr. Francisco Rodriguez reads hands in Barcelona, Spain.

    Palmistry, Quiromancia & Quiromagia.

    Palmist Francisco Rodriguez

    Palmistry, Quirologia & Quiromancia by Francisco Rodriguez

    Palmist Francisco Rodriguez says on his website about quiromagia (in Spanish language):

    “Francisco Rodriguez teaches courses and conducts therapies to heal the soul throughout the Spanish geography and America. He has published ‘El Arte de Interpretar la Mano’ [The Art of Hand Interpreting], ‘El Gran Libro de la Lectura de la Mano’ [The Big Book of Reading in the hand] and ‘Quiromagía: la quiromancia del siglo XXI’ [Quiromagia: the palmistry of the twenty-first century]. Francisco Rodriguez is a regular contributor to various magazines and newspapers and is considered one of the best readers in the hands of Europe and America. With over thirty years experience as an interpreter of hands, Francisco Rodriguez Acatlan has created a method to read the hand according to the progress of science and technology contemporary, both social and spiritual. Francisco Rodriguez is the creator of the term ‘Quiromagia’.”

    Palmistry is very popular in Spain:
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    The most popular translation of the word ‘Palmistry’ is in Spanish language: Quiromancia.

    Take a look at a large part of the international vocabulary + synonyms for the word ‘PALMIST’ (PALM READER):

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in English language are:
    Palm Reader, Hand Analyst (or: Handanalyst), Hand Reader (or: Handreader), Chiromantist, Cheirologist, Cheirologer, Chirologist, Chirognomist, Cheirognomist, Cheirosophist.

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Spanish language are:
    Palmista, Lecturer de las Manos, Quiromante, Quirologo, Quiromántico, Quiromántica

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Porteguese language are:
    Quiromante, Quirologo

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in French language:
    Chiromancien, Cheiromanciene, Chirologue

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in German language:
    Handleser, Handleserin, Handanalyste, Chiromantiker, Chirologie

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Danish language:
    Håndlæsner, Håndtydner, Kiromant, Kiromantiker

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Dutch language:
    Handlezer, Handlezeres, Handlijnkundige, Handleeskundige, Handanalist

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Italian language:
    Chiromante, Chirologo

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Norwegian language:
    Håndanalyse, Håndtydning, Håndlesning, Håndlæsning, Kiromanti

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Rusian language are:
    Hiromant, Hiromantik, Khiromantiy, Hiromantiy

    ‘PALMIST’/’PALM READER’ synonyms in Swedish language:
    Handanalyst, Kiromant

    Palmist Johan Hjelmborg
    Johan Hjelmborg

    Palmist (handleser) Johan Hjelmborg reads hands in Roskilde.

    Astro-Palmistry: cheirology & handlesen.

    Palmist Johan Hjelmborg

    Astro-Palmistry by Johan Hjelmborg

    Palmist Johan Hjelmborg is practicing Astro-Palmistry in Roskilde. He writes on his website about astro-palmistry:


    “… Hand reading and astrology have much in common and some cultures even as “the same” seen. I.e. narrates one an Indian, that astrologer, it is immediately opposite stretch his hands and a “prediction” ask.

    An important common denominator between the two are the common names. Because the finger, the lines and the various rooms of the planet palm bear names, like “Saturn’s finger,” “Mercury line,” “Venusberg” etc. But there are of course crucial differences. The knowledge of the astrological predictions laws to allow collective level, such as Earthquakes or movements on the stock exchange – which is completely outside the possibilities of a hand-held reader is located. However tell the constitution and hands over psyche as well as on Earth and very specific circumstances of the individual, ie facts on which the astrologer maximum implicitly, can describe – unless his intuition comes to help him…”

    Palmist Gary Markwich describes the future for Barack Obama from his hands.

    Palmist Gary Markwick

    The hand of Barack Obama:

    Palmist Gary Markwick was approached by a national newspaper last month to read a Hand Print of Democrat candidate Barack Obama during his UK visit.

    Palmist looks at the hands of Barack Obama

    Gary Marwick says about Barack‘s hands: “It was really interesting. I knew it was a politician and I was told afterwards that it was a very accurate reading of him,” said Mr Markwick, who has also read the palms of celebrities, including the former Eastenders actress Gillian Taylforth and the television and radio broadcaster Phill Jupitus. In his reading of Obama’s palm, he stated: “He will take on a new project that will affect his life and the lives of others in a big way. His success will reach a peak around the age of 48.”

    Marwick added: “The Middle East is showing up here. I feel they are going to be involved with this part of the world in the future.”

    But palmistry is only one aspect of Gary Markwick’s grasp of the paranormal. Having studied reiki at Barnet College and wellness therapies in India, he is also a clairvoyant and holistic therapist. He believes the future of health lies in adapting psychic techniques to work alongside mainstream medicine.

    As an expert in reiki, he says its healing principles can be adapted within hospitals and among nurses to improve patient care and promote a greater understanding and support for those in need. The technique is said to work by channelling energy into a patient through touch to activate the natural healing process within the body. “I want to help others to help themselves,” said the 56-year-old, who has been studying the skills for more than 20 years.

    Gary Markwick admits that he always encounters sceptics, but argues his analysis and perceptions of events shows doubters there is scope for belief. “I say nothing at all to the sceptics,” he said. “I just give them the reading and look at their faces after, and their guard goes down. There is a delight in their face and a change in them. They often say ‘I didn’t believe in it but now I feel totally different,’” he added. “I am very practical. I don’t go off and try to spook them — I am trying to promote positivity in their lives through being a therapist.”


    Palmistry, reiki and psychic readings

    Singapore City
    Palmist Pat F.
    Pat F.

    Palmist Pat F. reads hands in Singapore City

    Western Palmistry & Cheiromancy

    Palmist Pat F.

    Palmistry reading by Pat F.

    Palmist Pat F. is practicing palmistry in Singapore. Pat writes on her website


    … Cheiromancy (Kee-roh-man-see) is the art of foretelling a person’s likely future by knowing his/her character from reading the palm lines in their hands. The name is derived from the Greek cheir for “hand”, and manteia for “divination”.

    Cheiromancy is the old name for palmistry or palm reading, and is still in use today. It is at times spelt as Chiromancy or Kiromancy. It is also referred to as Cheirology, Chirology, or Kirology. However, Cheirology really is the study of the lines of the palm, without any divination involved.

    Chirognomy and Chirosophy are related subjects – the former is the study of the shapes and bumps of the fingers and hands, and the latter is the study of the philosophical and esoteric aspects of palmistry.”