Gaël Demeaux - Chirologist in Paris

Chirologist (Chirologue) Gaël Demeaux reads hands in Paris (France)

Chirologie (Chirologique).

Chirologist Gaël Demeaux


Gaël Demeaux is a student of Gerard Aussoleil, and is trained in handwriting analysis and chirology (chirologie), based on a psychological evaluation to facilitate a better understanding of the hand and exploit its potential.

On his webpage Gaël Demeaux describes modern chirology as follows (in French language):

“Based on a careful observation of the morphology of the hand, supported by psychological theories, the modern chirologie developed by Gérard Aussoleil differs markedly from any science divination. It is through a methodical angle that the hand becomes a support to interpret the psychology of a person.
The hand is raised in its relationship with the biological brain (scissure of Rolando). Due to its form and composition, it is seen as an image influences of the nervous system and endocrine essential components that structure the psychology of humans. The couple hand / brain is then seen as the couple main / personality. For some psychologists the chirologie can be a valuable investigative tool that helps to understand the springs that animate the psyche.”

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