Sara Ballon - Palmist from Lima, Peru

Palmist Sara Ballon reads hands in Lima (Peru)

Palmistry (Quiromancia Intuitiva).

Quiromante Sara Ballon

Palmist Sara Ballon presents 'Intuitive Palmistry'.

You can read a bit more about Sara Ballon’s palmistry work (quiromancia intuitiva) in Peru at Sara Ballon – Quiromante (in Spanish language):

Another expertise of Sara Ballon – a.k.a. Sara Sara – is bioenergetica & other alternative therapies.

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Palmist Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez

Palmist Dr. Francisco Rodriguez reads hands in Barcelona, Spain.

Palmistry, Quiromancia & Quiromagia.

Palmist Francisco Rodriguez

Palmistry, Quirologia & Quiromancia by Francisco Rodriguez

Palmist Francisco Rodriguez says on his website about quiromagia (in Spanish language):

“Francisco Rodriguez teaches courses and conducts therapies to heal the soul throughout the Spanish geography and America. He has published ‘El Arte de Interpretar la Mano’ [The Art of Hand Interpreting], ‘El Gran Libro de la Lectura de la Mano’ [The Big Book of Reading in the hand] and ‘Quiromagía: la quiromancia del siglo XXI’ [Quiromagia: the palmistry of the twenty-first century]. Francisco Rodriguez is a regular contributor to various magazines and newspapers and is considered one of the best readers in the hands of Europe and America. With over thirty years experience as an interpreter of hands, Francisco Rodriguez Acatlan has created a method to read the hand according to the progress of science and technology contemporary, both social and spiritual. Francisco Rodriguez is the creator of the term ‘Quiromagia’.”

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The most popular translation of the word ‘Palmistry’ is in Spanish language: Quiromancia.

Buenos Aires
Palmist Enrique Coria
Enrique Coria

Palmist Dr. Enrique Coria reads hands in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Palmistry & Quirologia.

Palmist Enrique Coria

Palmistry & Quirologia by Enrique Coria

Palmist Enrique Coria says on his website about quirologia course (in Spanish language):

“The hand is a termination point of brain impulses. Thoughts that govern our discourse for a long time, attitudes that are part of our vision for the future, are intended to activate sensory responses in their hands, which in turn are recorded as lines. This course is intended for all those who want to make a thorough and updated QUIROLOGIA in order to learn to read, in their own hands or those of others.”

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The most popular translation of the word ‘Palmistry’ is in Spanish language: Quiromancia.

Take a look at a large part of the international vocabulary + synonyms for the word ‘PALMISTRY’:

The ‘PALMISTRY’ vocabulary in English language includes the words:
Palm Reading, Handanalysis, Hand Analysis, Hand Reading, Handreading, Chiromancy, Cheiromancy, Chirology, Cheirology, Chirognomy, Cheirognomy, Cheirosophy, Onychomancy

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Spanish language are:
Leer las Manos, Leer la Mano, Lectura de Manos, Quiromancia, Quirologia, Quirognomia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Porteguese language are:
Ler Mãos, Ler Mão, Leitura de Mãos, Quiromancia, Quirologia, Quirognomia, Quiromante

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in French language:
Chiromancie, Cheiromancy, Chirologie, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in German language:
Handlesekunst, Handlesen, Handanalyse, Chiromantik, Chiromantie & Chirologie

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Danish language:
Håndlæsning, Håndtydning, Kiromanti,

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Dutch language:
Handlezen, Handlijnkunde, Handleeskunde, Handanalyse, Chirologie

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Hungaryan language:
Kiromanteia, Tenyérjóslás

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Italian language:
Chiromanzia, Cheiromanzia, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Norwegian language:
Håndanalyse, Håndtydning, Håndlesning, Håndlæsning, Kiromanti

‘PALMISTRY’ synonym in Polish language are:
Chiromancja, Chirologia

‘PALMISTRY’ synonyms in Rusian language are:
Hiromantia, Hiromantika, Khiromantiya, Hiromantiya, Hiromanty

The ‘PALMISTRY’ vocabulary in Swedish language includes the words:
Handanalys, Kiromantie