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Palmist Lynn Seal reads hands in Torquay, Devon (UK)

The palmistry system ‘elemental hand analysis’ (+ tarot readings as an extra option)

Palmist Lynn Seal

Palmist Lynn Seal presents 'elemental hand analysis'

Lynn Seal writes on her website in the F.A.Q.-section:

“Can palmistry predict my future?

Although the fingerprints never change, the palmar lines and markings change throughout life. If our future was all mapped out for us, surely the lines would stay the same. When looking at a hand, we see the person as they are NOW, bringing their past with them and sowing seeds for the future. Although many palmists do make predictions, any prediction from the hand is only potential. Most prediction is based on the direction you are going in now. It is not set in stone – we all have free will to make choices and changes in our lives, that will affect our future and alter our “fate”, and our lines will change accordingly.”