Beth Davis - The Hand Analyst from Tuckson

Hand Analyst Beth Davis reads palms in Tucson, Arizona (USA)

The IIHA system ‘Life Purpose Hand Analysis’ (lifeprints) – a professional hand analysis system specialized in non-predictive hand reading.

Hand Analyst Beth Davis

Hand Analysis

Beth Davis writes on her website www.handanalyst.com about Hand Analysis:

What is Hand Analysis?

  • Palmistry as a form of divination emerged in India over 5,000 years ago
  • Hand analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and philosophy
  • Hand analysis is NOT predictive (I can’t tell you how many children you’re going to have or when you’re going to meet that tall, dark stranger.)
  • Hand analysis is a repeatable system, based upon thousands of hands studied
  • Hand analysis can be learned, like learning to read or play a musical instrument
  • Hand analysis does not require psychic ability”