Upendrasingh Bhadoriya - Palmist from Ahmedabad

Palm reader Upendrasingh Bhadoriya reads hands in Ahmedabad (India)

Vedic Palmistry.

Palm reader Upendrasingh Bhadoriya

Palmistry at ejyotishi

Upendrasingh Bhadoriya writes on the new website ejyotishi.com about himself:

“He is a well-known palmist and Vedic astrologer of India having the experience of practical palmistry for 24 years. He got the foundation of palmistry from his father in childhood.His father was Practicing Ayurvedic medicine and having good knowledge of Indian palmistry.He has been studding so many books of palmistry and astrology from various country culture. He also got the knowledge of astrology form U.K. based famous astrologer Mr. P.A.Patel (Jyotishi Anand) and learn form various other Indian Gurus.He has gone through many palms for its reliability got more success.He has font of palmistry he loves palmistry believe in truth of it.He never gets any wrong with palmistry.He always likes to go through laymen’s palm. He has good practice of it and known as Layman’s palmist.”

India is often described as the ‘Mecca of palmistry’:
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Palmist Saya Deva
Saya Deva

Palmist Saya Deva reads hands in Yangon, Myanmar.

Hindu Palmistry & Vedic Palmistry.

Palmist Saya Deva

Hindy & Vedic Palmistry by Saya Deva

Palmist Saya Deva is practicing Vedic & Hindu Palmistry in Yangon, Myanmar (former Burma). He presents on his website some recommendations about himself.

More info about Saya Deva: SON OF SAYA SUNDRA, GREAT PALMIST AND SEER; No. 75, Dhammazedi Road, Sanchaung P.O, Yangon, Myanmar. Tel: 951-505171; E-mail: sayadeva@myanmar.com.mm

Palmistry is very popular in Myanmar!:

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Article about the hands of Senior General Than Shwe – who is the political and military leader of Myanmar since 1992.

Palmist Shailesh Ghimire
Shailesh Ghimire

Palmist Shailesh Ghimire reads palms in Kathmandu (Nepal)

Vedic Palmistry & Hindu Palm Reading

Palmist Shailesh U. Ghimire

Vedic palmistry & Hindu palm reading.

Palmist Shailesh Ghimire is a palmistry representive from the Nepalese capital city Kathmandu. Shailesh Ghimire writes on his website www.astro.kchahiyo.com about vedic palmistry & astrology:

Hindu/Vedic Astrology – An Ancient Science:”

“Vedic Astrology is considered to be one of the oldest, most accurate and consistent form of astrology all over the world. It is a natural cosmic science based on real astronomy. In Nepal where Astrology is taken very seriously, it is one of the most important gifts to the Vedic culture. Vedic Astrology is generally regarded to be very predictive in nature and hence, it can help you to face the future in a better way, evading any misfortunes or obstacles that might be laid down in your path to success.”