Palmistry – do you have the marriage line?

August 17, 2008

Palmistry - the marriage lines

Palmistry - the marriage lines

‘Mr. Palmist, what does my marriage line say?’

The marriage line is – next to the life line & and the heart line – one of the most popular hand line features in Palmistry. Nevertheless, the palmistry literature shows a debate the reliability of this line.

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Some guidelines from the international Palmistry literature about the marriage line (a.k.a. ‘union lines’, ‘affection lines’ or ‘relationship lines’):William G. Benham writes in ‘The Benham Book of Palmistry’ (1900):

(p. 520): “In some hands there are none of these lines and in others many are seen. From time immemorial they have been used by older palmists as indications of marriage or unions of the sexes. Their value in practice is considerable if used up to their limit, and in combination, but used by themselves, as a hard-and-fast indication of marriage, they lead to contstant error.”

David Brandon-Jones writes in ‘Practical Palmistry’ (1986):

(p.241): “They are also known as lines of Marriage or Affection and are connected with the individual”s capacity for giving and receiving affection. A relationship line may or may not refer to husband, wife or lover. To my certain knowledge, it has, in at least one case, indicated a lonely lady’s fondness for a beloved pet. It is not possible, as I know to my cost, to rely on these lines alone as predicting marriage or the start of a long-term relationship.”

Nathaniel Altman, writes in ‘Sexual Palmistry’ (1986):

(p.120): “Unfortunately there is no certain sign of age on a union line, as it length can also reveal the lingering impact of a relationship on the person even after it is ‘officially’ over. Again, the intuition can be usefull here. Major issues involving incompatibility, personality conflicts, lack of commitment and infidelity are often reflected in islands or breaks. Whenever you study a union line, remember that it is subject to change.”


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2 Responses to “Palmistry – do you have the marriage line?”

  1. h Says:

    hello well i dont know which hand one has to consider for marriage line, on my left hand where there are these relationship lines i have two lines the above one is longer and prominent and it connects to my heart line bt also near my pinky finger theres a fork bah i dont know how to describe it feel like taking a photo of it

  2. sue Says:

    high what does it mean when the marriage line has a fork one fork is sloping down and the top fork has an island on the end of it??
    the health line travels in front of it and also has a small island on it
    thanks have a good day!

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