What is Palmistry? - Palmistry 2010: a redefinition!

PALMISTRY 2010: What is Palmistry today?

In the early days palmistry was merely used as a ‘divination’ tool. But times have changed and so did the applications of palmistry!

Especially in Western countries the activities of the modern palmist should no longer associated with the early applications of future predictions & fortune readings. But nevertheless, today on the internet definitions of palmistry (palm reading) often merely relate to the aspect of ‘divination’. Time to present a redefinition of palmistry!

What is Palmistry in 2010?

“Palmistry is the practice (or art) of studying the hands, usually with the intent focussed on one (or more) of the following four aspects of life:

1 – health consultation, 2 – character interpretation, 3 – life purpose orientation, 4 – divination”

More details concerning each of the four types of palmistry is available here:
The basic principle of Palmistry & Palm Reading!

Gaël Demeaux - Chirologist in Paris

Chirologist (Chirologue) Gaël Demeaux reads hands in Paris (France)

Chirologie (Chirologique).

Chirologist Gaël Demeaux


Gaël Demeaux is a student of Gerard Aussoleil, and is trained in handwriting analysis and chirology (chirologie), based on a psychological evaluation to facilitate a better understanding of the hand and exploit its potential.

On his webpage Gaël Demeaux describes modern chirology as follows (in French language):

“Based on a careful observation of the morphology of the hand, supported by psychological theories, the modern chirologie developed by Gérard Aussoleil differs markedly from any science divination. It is through a methodical angle that the hand becomes a support to interpret the psychology of a person.
The hand is raised in its relationship with the biological brain (scissure of Rolando). Due to its form and composition, it is seen as an image influences of the nervous system and endocrine essential components that structure the psychology of humans. The couple hand / brain is then seen as the couple main / personality. For some psychologists the chirologie can be a valuable investigative tool that helps to understand the springs that animate the psyche.”

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Singapore City
Palmist Pat F.
Pat F.

Palmist Pat F. reads hands in Singapore City

Western Palmistry & Cheiromancy

Palmist Pat F.

Palmistry reading by Pat F.

Palmist Pat F. is practicing palmistry in Singapore. Pat writes on her website Palmistryworld.com:


… Cheiromancy (Kee-roh-man-see) is the art of foretelling a person’s likely future by knowing his/her character from reading the palm lines in their hands. The name is derived from the Greek cheir for “hand”, and manteia for “divination”.

Cheiromancy is the old name for palmistry or palm reading, and is still in use today. It is at times spelt as Chiromancy or Kiromancy. It is also referred to as Cheirology, Chirology, or Kirology. However, Cheirology really is the study of the lines of the palm, without any divination involved.

Chirognomy and Chirosophy are related subjects – the former is the study of the shapes and bumps of the fingers and hands, and the latter is the study of the philosophical and esoteric aspects of palmistry.”

Beth Davis - The Hand Analyst from Tuckson

Hand Analyst Beth Davis reads palms in Tucson, Arizona (USA)

The IIHA system ‘Life Purpose Hand Analysis’ (lifeprints) – a professional hand analysis system specialized in non-predictive hand reading.

Hand Analyst Beth Davis

Hand Analysis

Beth Davis writes on her website www.handanalyst.com about Hand Analysis:

What is Hand Analysis?

  • Palmistry as a form of divination emerged in India over 5,000 years ago
  • Hand analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and philosophy
  • Hand analysis is NOT predictive (I can’t tell you how many children you’re going to have or when you’re going to meet that tall, dark stranger.)
  • Hand analysis is a repeatable system, based upon thousands of hands studied
  • Hand analysis can be learned, like learning to read or play a musical instrument
  • Hand analysis does not require psychic ability”