WHAT IS PALMISTRY? – Palmistry 2010: a redefinition!

February 8, 2010

What is Palmistry? - Palmistry 2010: a redefinition!

PALMISTRY 2010: What is Palmistry today?

In the early days palmistry was merely used as a ‘divination’ tool. But times have changed and so did the applications of palmistry!

Especially in Western countries the activities of the modern palmist should no longer associated with the early applications of future predictions & fortune readings. But nevertheless, today on the internet definitions of palmistry (palm reading) often merely relate to the aspect of ‘divination’. Time to present a redefinition of palmistry!

What is Palmistry in 2010?

“Palmistry is the practice (or art) of studying the hands, usually with the intent focussed on one (or more) of the following four aspects of life:

1 – health consultation, 2 – character interpretation, 3 – life purpose orientation, 4 – divination”

More details concerning each of the four types of palmistry is available here:
The basic principle of Palmistry & Palm Reading!

One Response to “WHAT IS PALMISTRY? – Palmistry 2010: a redefinition!”

  1. Anne Says:

    To me palmistry is exactly what the definition above says. The lines relate mostly to events past, present and future as well as a person’s personality. Only certain lines will actually relate to health concerns, like the life line, the health line and possible at times travel lines. Life purpose is most likely not really found on the hands because there really is nothing that can be shown on your hands like that. Only the line of Fate maybe able to detect life purpose. The line of fate regards to your success in life and struggle though. All lines and fingers, mounts, hand shapes, and nail shape will show a person’s way of life and personality. Any divination is based on the all lines as well.

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