Palmist Nisha Ghai from New Delhi says: palmistry is a science!

June 5, 2009

Palmist Nisha Ghai says: palmistry is a science!

Palmist Nisha Ghai says: palmistry is a science!

Is palmistry a science?

Palmist Nisha Ghai is the director of the Institute of Palmistry in New Delhi – which was found by the famous Indian palmist professor Dayanand

Nisha Ghai answers in her article the question: ‘what makes palmistry a science?’, and she describes how classic palmistry developed into the modern science of palm reading.

In her writing the palmist from New Delhi focusses on the following questions:

1) How scientific is palmistry?
2) How do the hand lines develop?
2) Do the hand lines change?
3) Which hand does the palmist examine?

“The palm is a mirror of our Brain and mind. The raised portion of flesh on palm are known as Mounts. The palm lines are waves, which indicate activeness of our unconscious mind. The Lines on the palm are the waves which indicate what goes in our unconscious mind.”


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10 Responses to “Palmist Nisha Ghai from New Delhi says: palmistry is a science!”

  1. k.c.pandey Says:

    respected mam,i am small kind student of palmistry please guide me

  2. ran Says:

    Hi Madam, are you in singapore? Is there any chance of getting an appointment for consultation ?


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  4. kamal Says:

    i want to learn palmistry how can i learn


    Respected Madam,
    Good Evening,
    I am very much intrest in learning the palmistry if possible then please have your comments.

    Thanking You,

    Yours Faithfully,


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